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func DeleteGraphCounter

func DeleteGraphCounter(c *gin.Context)

func DeleteGraphEndpoint

func DeleteGraphEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func EndpointCounterRegexpQuery

func EndpointCounterRegexpQuery(c *gin.Context)

func EndpointObjGet

func EndpointObjGet(c *gin.Context)

func EndpointRegexpQuery

func EndpointRegexpQuery(c *gin.Context)

func GrafanaMainQuery

func GrafanaMainQuery(c *gin.Context)

func GrafanaRender

func GrafanaRender(c *gin.Context)

func QueryGraphDrawData

func QueryGraphDrawData(c *gin.Context)

func QueryGraphLastPoint

func QueryGraphLastPoint(c *gin.Context)

func Routes

func Routes(r *gin.Engine)


type APIEndpointObjGetInputs

type APIEndpointObjGetInputs struct {
	Endpoints []string `json:"endpoints" form:"endpoints"`
	Deadline  int64    `json:"deadline" form:"deadline"`

type APIEndpointRegexpQueryInputs

type APIEndpointRegexpQueryInputs struct {
	Q     string `json:"q" form:"q"`
	Label string `json:"tags" form:"tags"`
	Limit int    `json:"limit" form:"limit"`
	Page  int    `json:"page" form:"page"`

type APIGrafanaMainQueryInputs

type APIGrafanaMainQueryInputs struct {
	Limit int    `json:"limit"  form:"limit"`
	Query string `json:"query"  form:"query"`

type APIGrafanaMainQueryOutputs

type APIGrafanaMainQueryOutputs struct {
	Expandable bool   `json:"expandable"`
	Text       string `json:"text"`

type APIGrafanaRenderInput

type APIGrafanaRenderInput struct {
	Target        []string `json:"target" form:"target"  binding:"required"`
	From          int64    `json:"from" form:"from" binding:"required"`
	Until         int64    `json:"until" form:"until" binding:"required"`
	Format        string   `json:"format" form:"format"`
	MaxDataPoints int64    `json:"maxDataPoints" form:"maxDataPoints"`
	Step          int      `json:"step" form:"step"`
	ConsolFun     string   `json:"consolFun" form:"consolFun"`

type APIGraphDeleteCounterInputs

type APIGraphDeleteCounterInputs struct {
	Endpoints []string `json:"endpoints" binding:"required"`
	Counters  []string `json:"counters" binding:"required"`

type APIQueryGraphDrawData

type APIQueryGraphDrawData struct {
	HostNames []string `json:"hostnames" binding:"required"`
	Counters  []string `json:"counters" binding:"required"`
	ConsolFun string   `json:"consol_fun" binding:"required"`
	StartTime int64    `json:"start_time" binding:"required"`
	EndTime   int64    `json:"end_time" binding:"required"`
	Step      int      `json:"step"`

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