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type EventCases

type EventCases struct {
	ID            string     `json:"id" gorm:"column:id"`
	Endpoint      string     `json:"endpoint" gorm:"column:endpoint"`
	Metric        string     `json:"metric" gorm:"metric"`
	Func          string     `json:"func" gorm:"func"`
	Cond          string     `json:"cond" gorm:"cond"`
	Note          string     `json:"note" gorm:"note"`
	MaxStep       int        `json:"step" gorm:"step"`
	CurrentStep   int        `json:"current_step" gorm:"current_step"`
	Priority      int        `json:"priority" gorm:"priority"`
	Status        string     `json:"status" gorm:"status"`
	Timestamp     *time.Time `json:"timestamp" gorm:"timestamp"`
	UpdateAt      *time.Time `json:"update_at" gorm:"update_at"`
	ClosedAt      *time.Time `json:"closed_at" gorm:"closed_at"`
	ClosedNote    string     `json:"closed_note" gorm:"closed_note"`
	UserModified  int64      `json:"user_modified" gorm:"user_modified"`
	TplCreator    string     `json:"tpl_creator" gorm:"tpl_creator"`
	ExpressionId  int64      `json:"expression_id" gorm:"expression_id"`
	StrategyId    int64      `json:"strategy_id" gorm:"strategy_id"`
	TemplateId    int64      `json:"template_id" gorm:"template_id"`
	ProcessNote   int64      `json:"process_note" gorm:"process_note"`
	ProcessStatus string     `json:"process_status" gorm:"process_status"`

func (EventCases) GetEvents

func (this EventCases) GetEvents() []Events

func (EventCases) GetNotes

func (this EventCases) GetNotes() []EventNote

func (EventCases) NotesCount

func (this EventCases) NotesCount() int

func (EventCases) TableName

func (this EventCases) TableName() string

type EventNote

type EventNote struct {
	ID          int64      `json:"id" gorm:"column:id"`
	EventCaseId string     `json:"event_caseId" gorm:"column:event_caseId"`
	Note        string     `json:"note" gorm:"note"`
	CaseId      string     `json:"case_id" gorm:"case_id"`
	Status      string     `json:"status" gorm:"status"`
	Timestamp   *time.Time `json:"timestamp" gorm:"timestamp"`
	UserId      int64      `json:"user_id" gorm:"user_id"`

func (EventNote) GetUserName

func (this EventNote) GetUserName() string

func (EventNote) TableName

func (this EventNote) TableName() string

type Events

type Events struct {
	ID          int64      `json:"id" gorm:"column:id"`
	EventCaseId string     `json:"event_caseId" gorm:"column:event_caseId"`
	Step        int        `json:"step" gorm:"step"`
	Cond        string     `json:"cond" gorm:"cond"`
	Status      int        `json:"status" gorm:"status"`
	Timestamp   *time.Time `json:"timestamp" gorm:"timestamp"`

func (Events) TableName

func (this Events) TableName() string

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