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Package tester contains utilities for executing Rego tests.



const TestPrefix = "test_"

TestPrefix declares the prefix for all test rules.

func Load

func Load(args []string, filter loader.Filter) (map[string]*ast.Module, storage.Store, error)

Load returns modules and an in-memory store for running tests.

func LoadBundles

func LoadBundles(args []string, filter loader.Filter) (map[string]*bundle.Bundle, error)

LoadBundles will load the given args as bundles, either tarball or directory is OK.

type BenchmarkOptions

type BenchmarkOptions struct {
	ReportAllocations bool

BenchmarkOptions defines options specific to benchmarking tests

type JSONCoverageReporter

type JSONCoverageReporter struct {
	Cover     *cover.Cover
	Modules   map[string]*ast.Module
	Output    io.Writer
	Threshold float64

JSONCoverageReporter reports coverage as a JSON structure.

func (JSONCoverageReporter) Report

func (r JSONCoverageReporter) Report(ch chan *Result) error

Report prints the test report to the reporter's output. If any tests fail or encounter errors, this function returns an error.

type JSONReporter

type JSONReporter struct {
	Output io.Writer

JSONReporter reports test results as array of JSON objects.

func (JSONReporter) Report

func (r JSONReporter) Report(ch chan *Result) error

Report prints the test report to the reporter's output.

type PrettyReporter

type PrettyReporter struct {
	Output                   io.Writer
	Verbose                  bool
	FailureLine              bool
	BenchmarkResults         bool
	BenchMarkShowAllocations bool
	BenchMarkGoBenchFormat   bool

PrettyReporter reports test results in a simple human readable format.

func (PrettyReporter) Report

func (r PrettyReporter) Report(ch chan *Result) error

Report prints the test report to the reporter's output.

type Reporter

type Reporter interface {

	// Report is called with a channel that will contain test results.
	Report(ch chan *Result) error

Reporter defines the interface for reporting test results.

type Result

type Result struct {
	Location        *ast.Location            `json:"location"`
	Package         string                   `json:"package"`
	Name            string                   `json:"name"`
	Fail            bool                     `json:"fail,omitempty"`
	Error           error                    `json:"error,omitempty"`
	Duration        time.Duration            `json:"duration"`
	Trace           []*topdown.Event         `json:"trace,omitempty"`
	FailedAt        *ast.Expr                `json:"failed_at,omitempty"`
	BenchmarkResult *testing.BenchmarkResult `json:"benchmark_result,omitempty"`

Result represents a single test case result.

func Run

func Run(ctx context.Context, paths ...string) ([]*Result, error)

Run executes all test cases found under files in path.

func RunWithFilter

func RunWithFilter(ctx context.Context, filter loader.Filter, paths ...string) ([]*Result, error)

RunWithFilter executes all test cases found under files in path. The filter will be applied to exclude files that should not be included.

func (Result) Pass

func (r Result) Pass() bool

Pass returns true if the test case passed.

func (*Result) String

func (r *Result) String() string

type Runner

type Runner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Runner implements simple test discovery and execution.

func NewRunner

func NewRunner() *Runner

NewRunner returns a new runner.

func (*Runner) EnableFailureLine

func (r *Runner) EnableFailureLine(yes bool) *Runner

EnableFailureLine if set will provide the exact failure line

func (*Runner) EnableTracing

func (r *Runner) EnableTracing(yes bool) *Runner

EnableTracing enables tracing of evaluation and includes traces in results. Tracing is currently mutually exclusive with coverage.

func (*Runner) Filter

func (r *Runner) Filter(regex string) *Runner

Filter will set a test name regex filter for the test runner. Only test cases which match the filter will be run.

func (*Runner) Run

func (r *Runner) Run(ctx context.Context, modules map[string]*ast.Module) (ch chan *Result, err error)

Run executes all tests contained in supplied modules. Deprecated: Use RunTests and the Runner#SetModules or Runner#SetBundles helpers instead. This will NOT use the modules or bundles set on the Runner.

func (*Runner) RunBenchmarks

func (r *Runner) RunBenchmarks(ctx context.Context, txn storage.Transaction, options BenchmarkOptions) (ch chan *Result, err error)

RunBenchmarks executes tests similar to tester.Runner#RunTests but will repeat a number of times to get stable performance metrics.

func (*Runner) RunTests

func (r *Runner) RunTests(ctx context.Context, txn storage.Transaction) (ch chan *Result, err error)

RunTests executes tests found in either modules or bundles loaded on the runner.

func (*Runner) SetBundles

func (r *Runner) SetBundles(bundles map[string]*bundle.Bundle) *Runner

SetBundles will add bundles to the Runner which will be compiled then used for discovering and evaluating tests.

func (*Runner) SetCompiler

func (r *Runner) SetCompiler(compiler *ast.Compiler) *Runner

SetCompiler sets the compiler used by the runner.

func (*Runner) SetCoverageTracer

func (r *Runner) SetCoverageTracer(tracer topdown.Tracer) *Runner

SetCoverageTracer sets the tracer to use to compute coverage.

func (*Runner) SetModules

func (r *Runner) SetModules(modules map[string]*ast.Module) *Runner

SetModules will add modules to the Runner which will be compiled then used for discovering and evaluating tests.

func (*Runner) SetRuntime

func (r *Runner) SetRuntime(term *ast.Term) *Runner

SetRuntime sets runtime information to expose to the evaluation engine.

func (*Runner) SetStore

func (r *Runner) SetStore(store storage.Store) *Runner

SetStore sets the store to execute tests over.

func (*Runner) SetTimeout

func (r *Runner) SetTimeout(timout time.Duration) *Runner

SetTimeout sets the timeout for the individual test cases

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