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func ComputeCryptoHash

func ComputeCryptoHash(data []byte) (hash []byte)

ComputeCryptoHash should be used in openchain code so that we can change the actual algo used for crypto-hash at one place

func CreateUtcTimestamp

func CreateUtcTimestamp() *gp.Timestamp

CreateUtcTimestamp returns a google/protobuf/Timestamp in UTC

func GenerateUUID

func GenerateUUID() string

GenerateUUID returns a UUID based on RFC 4112


type Queue

type Queue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Queue is a classic implmentation of a FIFO queue object

func NewQueue

func NewQueue() *Queue

NewQueue is a constructor returning a Queue object

func (*Queue) Peek

func (q *Queue) Peek() interface{}

Peek returns the data at the head of the queue

func (*Queue) Pop

func (q *Queue) Pop() interface{}

Pop returns the data item at the head of the queue Example e := q.Pop().(T) -- cast e to type T

func (*Queue) Push

func (q *Queue) Push(item interface{})

Push appends an item on the queue @param item - any application data

func (*Queue) Size

func (q *Queue) Size() int

Size returns the number of elements on the queue

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