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func ClearKeepCaps

func ClearKeepCaps() error

func Eaccess added in v1.1.4

func Eaccess(path string) error

Eaccess is similar to unix.Access except for setuid/setgid binaries it checks against the effective (rather than real) uid and gid.

func Exec added in v1.0.1

func Exec(cmd string, args []string, env []string) error

func Execv

func Execv(cmd string, args []string, env []string) error

func GetSubreaper added in v1.0.0

func GetSubreaper() (int, error)

GetSubreaper returns the subreaper setting for the calling process

func SetKeepCaps

func SetKeepCaps() error

func SetParentDeathSignal

func SetParentDeathSignal(sig uintptr) error

func SetSubreaper added in v0.1.0

func SetSubreaper(i int) error

SetSubreaper sets the value i as the subreaper setting for the calling process

func Setctty

func Setctty() error

func Setgid

func Setgid(gid int) (err error)

Setgid sets the gid of the calling thread to the specified gid.

func Setuid

func Setuid(uid int) (err error)

Setuid sets the uid of the calling thread to the specified uid.


type ParentDeathSignal

type ParentDeathSignal int

func GetParentDeathSignal

func GetParentDeathSignal() (ParentDeathSignal, error)

func (ParentDeathSignal) Restore

func (p ParentDeathSignal) Restore() error

func (ParentDeathSignal) Set

func (p ParentDeathSignal) Set() error

type Stat_t added in v1.0.0

type Stat_t struct {
	// Name is the command run by the process.
	Name string

	// State is the state of the process.
	State State

	// StartTime is the number of clock ticks after system boot (since
	// Linux 2.6).
	StartTime uint64

Stat_t represents the information from /proc/[pid]/stat, as described in proc(5) with names based on the /proc/[pid]/status fields.

func Stat added in v1.0.0

func Stat(pid int) (stat Stat_t, err error)

Stat returns a Stat_t instance for the specified process.

type State added in v1.0.0

type State rune

State is the status of a process.

const (
	Dead        State = 'X'
	DiskSleep   State = 'D'
	Running     State = 'R'
	Sleeping    State = 'S'
	Stopped     State = 'T'
	TracingStop State = 't'
	Zombie      State = 'Z'
	Parked      State = 'P'
	Idle        State = 'I'

func (State) String added in v1.0.0

func (s State) String() string

String forms of the state from proc(5)'s documentation for /proc/[pid]/status' "State" field.

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