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func AddMultiLineContent

func AddMultiLineContent(parent xml.Node, content string) error

AddMultiLineContent adds the given content into the provided docx XML node as multiple "paragraphs" of text, split by the newlines.

func ConcatTextNodes

func ConcatTextNodes(textNodes []xml.Node) string

ConcatTextNodes will concatenate the text from an array of text nodes and trim any whitespace from the final result.

func FillCell

func FillCell(cell xml.Node, content string) error

FillCell inserts the given content into the provided docx XML table cell node.

func FillParagraph

func FillParagraph(paragraph xml.Node, content string) (err error)

FillParagraph inserts the given content into the provided docx XML paragraph node. Note that newlines aren't respected - you'll need to create a new paragraph node for each.

func GenerateXML

func GenerateXML(wordDoc *docx.Docx) (xmlDoc *xml.XmlDocument, err error)

GenerateXML gives the underlying XML document for the provided Word document.

func ParseXML

func ParseXML(content []byte) (xmlDoc *xml.XmlDocument, err error)

ParseXML converts the XML text to a structure.


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