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Published: Jan 17, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 10 Imported by: 1



* Copyright 2020-2024 Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and the ONF Contributors * * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. * You may obtain a copy of the License at * * http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 * * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and * limitations under the License.



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const (
	//Constants to identify resource pool
	UNI_ID     = "UNI_ID"
	ONU_ID     = "ONU_ID"

	//Constants for passing command line arguments
	OLT_MODEL_ARG = "--olt_model"

	PATH_PREFIX = "%s/resource_manager/{%s}"

	PATH_PREFIX_FOR_CONFIG = "%s/resource_manager/config"
	/*The resource ranges for a given device model should be placed
	  at 'resource_manager/<technology>/resource_ranges/<olt_model_type>'
	  path on the KV store.
	  If Resource Range parameters are to be read from the external KV store,
	  they are expected to be stored in the following format.
	  Note: All parameters are MANDATORY for now.
	  constants used as keys to reference the resource range parameters from
	  and external KV store.
	UNI_ID_START_IDX      = "uni_id_start"
	UNI_ID_END_IDX        = "uni_id_end"
	ONU_ID_START_IDX      = "onu_id_start"
	ONU_ID_END_IDX        = "onu_id_end"
	ONU_ID_SHARED_IDX     = "onu_id_shared"
	ALLOC_ID_START_IDX    = "alloc_id_start"
	ALLOC_ID_END_IDX      = "alloc_id_end"
	ALLOC_ID_SHARED_IDX   = "alloc_id_shared"
	GEMPORT_ID_START_IDX  = "gemport_id_start"
	GEMPORT_ID_END_IDX    = "gemport_id_end"
	GEMPORT_ID_SHARED_IDX = "gemport_id_shared"
	FLOW_ID_START_IDX     = "flow_id_start"
	FLOW_ID_END_IDX       = "flow_id_end"
	FLOW_ID_SHARED_IDX    = "flow_id_shared"
	NUM_OF_PON_PORT       = "pon_ports"

	   The KV store backend is initialized with a path prefix and we need to
	   provide only the suffix.
	PON_RESOURCE_RANGE_CONFIG_PATH = "resource_ranges/%s"

	//resource path suffix
	//Path on the KV store for storing alloc id ranges and resource pool for a given interface
	//Format: <device_id>/alloc_id_pool/<pon_intf_id>
	ALLOC_ID_POOL_PATH = "{%s}/alloc_id_pool/{%d}"
	//Path on the KV store for storing gemport id ranges and resource pool for a given interface
	//Format: <device_id>/gemport_id_pool/<pon_intf_id>
	GEMPORT_ID_POOL_PATH = "{%s}/gemport_id_pool/{%d}"
	//Path on the KV store for storing onu id ranges and resource pool for a given interface
	//Format: <device_id>/onu_id_pool/<pon_intf_id>
	ONU_ID_POOL_PATH = "{%s}/onu_id_pool/{%d}"
	//Path on the KV store for storing flow id ranges and resource pool for a given interface
	//Format: <device_id>/flow_id_pool/<pon_intf_id>
	FLOW_ID_POOL_PATH = "{%s}/flow_id_pool/{%d}"

	//Path on the KV store for storing list of alloc IDs for a given ONU
	//Format: <device_id>/<(pon_intf_id, onu_id)>/alloc_ids
	ALLOC_ID_RESOURCE_MAP_PATH = "{%s}/{%s}/alloc_ids"

	//Path on the KV store for storing list of gemport IDs for a given ONU
	//Format: <device_id>/<(pon_intf_id, onu_id)>/gemport_ids
	GEMPORT_ID_RESOURCE_MAP_PATH = "{%s}/{%s}/gemport_ids"

	//Path on the KV store for storing list of Flow IDs for a given ONU
	//Format: <device_id>/<(pon_intf_id, onu_id)>/flow_ids
	FLOW_ID_RESOURCE_MAP_PATH = "{%s}/{%s}/flow_ids"

	//Flow Id info: Use to store more metadata associated with the flow_id
	FLOW_ID_INFO_PATH_PREFIX = "{%s}/flow_id_info"
	//Format: <device_id>/flow_id_info/<(pon_intf_id, onu_id)>
	FLOW_ID_INFO_PATH_INTF_ONU_PREFIX = "{%s}/flow_id_info/{%s}"
	//Format: <device_id>/flow_id_info/<(pon_intf_id, onu_id)><flow_id>

	//Constants for internal usage.
	PON_INTF_ID     = "pon_intf_id"
	START_IDX       = "start_idx"
	END_IDX         = "end_idx"
	POOL            = "pool"

	KVSTORE_RETRY_TIMEOUT = 5 * time.Second
	//Path on the KV store for storing reserved gem ports
	//Format: reserved_gemport_ids
	RESERVED_GEMPORT_IDS_PATH = "reserved_gemport_ids"


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func SetKVClient

func SetKVClient(ctx context.Context, Technology string, Backend string, Addr string, configClient bool, basePathKvStore string) *db.Backend

func ToByte

func ToByte(value interface{}) ([]byte, error)

ToByte converts an interface value to a []byte. The interface should either be of a string type or []byte. Otherwise, an error is returned.

func ToString

func ToString(value interface{}) (string, error)

ToString converts an interface value to a string. The interface should either be of a string type or []byte. Otherwise, an error is returned.


type PONResourceManager

type PONResourceManager struct {
	//Implements APIs to initialize/allocate/release alloc/gemport/onu IDs.
	Technology       string
	DeviceType       string
	DeviceID         string
	Backend          string // ETCD only currently
	Address          string // address of the KV store
	OLTModel         string
	KVStore          *db.Backend
	KVStoreForConfig *db.Backend

	// Below attribute, pon_resource_ranges, should be initialized
	// by reading from KV store.
	PonResourceRanges  map[string]interface{}
	SharedResourceMgrs map[string]*PONResourceManager
	SharedIdxByType    map[string]string
	IntfIDs            []uint32 // list of pon interface IDs
	Globalorlocal      string

func NewPONResourceManager

func NewPONResourceManager(ctx context.Context, Technology string, DeviceType string, DeviceID string, Backend string, Address string, basePathKvStore string) (*PONResourceManager, error)

NewPONResourceManager creates a new PON resource manager.

func (*PONResourceManager) ClearDeviceResourcePool

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) ClearDeviceResourcePool(ctx context.Context) error

func (*PONResourceManager) ClearDeviceResourcePoolForIntf

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) ClearDeviceResourcePoolForIntf(ctx context.Context, intfID uint32) error

func (*PONResourceManager) ClearResourceIDPool

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) ClearResourceIDPool(ctx context.Context, contIntfID uint32, ResourceType string) bool

func (*PONResourceManager) CloseKVClient

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) CloseKVClient(ctx context.Context)

func (*PONResourceManager) FormatResource

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) FormatResource(ctx context.Context, IntfID uint32, StartIDx uint32, EndIDx uint32,
	Excluded []uint32) ([]byte, error)

func (*PONResourceManager) FreeResourceID

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) FreeResourceID(ctx context.Context, IntfID uint32, ResourceType string, ReleaseContent []uint32) error

func (*PONResourceManager) GenerateNextID

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GenerateNextID(ctx context.Context, Resource map[string]interface{}) (uint32, error)

func (*PONResourceManager) GetCurrentAllocIDForOnu

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetCurrentAllocIDForOnu(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string) []uint32

func (*PONResourceManager) GetCurrentFlowIDsForOnu

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetCurrentFlowIDsForOnu(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string) []uint32

func (*PONResourceManager) GetCurrentGEMPortIDsForOnu

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetCurrentGEMPortIDsForOnu(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string) []uint32

func (*PONResourceManager) GetFlowIDInfo

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetFlowIDInfo(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string, FlowID uint32, Data interface{}) error

func (*PONResourceManager) GetPath

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetPath(ctx context.Context, IntfID uint32, ResourceType string) string

func (*PONResourceManager) GetResource

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetResource(ctx context.Context, Path string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

func (*PONResourceManager) GetResourceID

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetResourceID(ctx context.Context, IntfID uint32, ResourceType string, NumIDs uint32) ([]uint32, error)

func (*PONResourceManager) GetResourceTypeAllocID

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetResourceTypeAllocID() string

func (*PONResourceManager) GetResourceTypeGemPortID

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetResourceTypeGemPortID() string

func (*PONResourceManager) GetResourceTypeOnuID

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetResourceTypeOnuID() string

func (*PONResourceManager) GetTechnology

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) GetTechnology() string

func (*PONResourceManager) InitDefaultPONResourceRanges

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) InitDefaultPONResourceRanges(ctx context.Context,
	ONUIDStart uint32,
	ONUIDEnd uint32,
	ONUIDSharedPoolID uint32,
	AllocIDStart uint32,
	AllocIDEnd uint32,
	AllocIDSharedPoolID uint32,
	GEMPortIDStart uint32,
	GEMPortIDEnd uint32,
	GEMPortIDSharedPoolID uint32,
	FlowIDStart uint32,
	FlowIDEnd uint32,
	FlowIDSharedPoolID uint32,
	UNIIDStart uint32,
	UNIIDEnd uint32,
	NoOfPONPorts uint32,
	IntfIDs []uint32) bool

func (*PONResourceManager) InitDeviceResourcePool

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) InitDeviceResourcePool(ctx context.Context) error

func (*PONResourceManager) InitDeviceResourcePoolForIntf

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) InitDeviceResourcePoolForIntf(ctx context.Context, intfID uint32) error

func (*PONResourceManager) InitResourceIDPool

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) InitResourceIDPool(ctx context.Context, Intf uint32, ResourceType string, StartID uint32, EndID uint32) error

func (PONResourceManager) InitResourceMap

func (PONRMgr PONResourceManager) InitResourceMap(ctx context.Context, PONIntfONUID string)

func (*PONResourceManager) InitResourceRangesFromKVStore

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) InitResourceRangesFromKVStore(ctx context.Context) bool

func (*PONResourceManager) ReleaseID

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) ReleaseID(ctx context.Context, Resource map[string]interface{}, Id uint32) bool

func (*PONResourceManager) RemoveAllFlowIDInfo

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) RemoveAllFlowIDInfo(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string) bool

func (*PONResourceManager) RemoveFlowIDInfo

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) RemoveFlowIDInfo(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string, FlowID uint32) bool

func (PONResourceManager) RemoveResourceMap

func (PONRMgr PONResourceManager) RemoveResourceMap(ctx context.Context, PONIntfONUID string) bool

func (*PONResourceManager) UpdateAllocIdsForOnu

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) UpdateAllocIdsForOnu(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string, AllocIDs []uint32) error

func (*PONResourceManager) UpdateFlowIDForOnu

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) UpdateFlowIDForOnu(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string, FlowID uint32, Add bool) error

func (*PONResourceManager) UpdateFlowIDInfoForOnu

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) UpdateFlowIDInfoForOnu(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string, FlowID uint32, FlowData interface{}) error

func (*PONResourceManager) UpdateGEMPortIDsForOnu

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) UpdateGEMPortIDsForOnu(ctx context.Context, IntfONUID string, GEMPortIDs []uint32) error

func (*PONResourceManager) UpdateRanges

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) UpdateRanges(ctx context.Context, StartIDx string, StartID uint32, EndIDx string, EndID uint32,
	SharedIDx string, SharedPoolID uint32, RMgr *PONResourceManager)

func (*PONResourceManager) UpdateResource

func (PONRMgr *PONResourceManager) UpdateResource(ctx context.Context, Path string, Resource map[string]interface{}) error

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