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Published: Dec 18, 2020 License: Apache-2.0



local-volume-provisioner is an out-of-tree static provisioner for the local volume plugin, which is a 1.7 & 1.8 alpha feature.

It runs on each node in the cluster and monitors specified directories to look for new local file-based volumes. The volumes can be a mount point or a directory in a shared filesystem. It then statically creates a Local PersistentVolume for each local volume. It also monitors when the PersistentVolumes have been released, and will clean up the volume, and recreate the PV.



Compile the provisioner


Make the container image and push to the registry

make push


There is one provisioner instance on each node in the cluster. Each instance is responsible for monitoring and managing the local volumes on its node.

The basic components of the provisioner are as follows:

  • Discovery: The discovery routine periodically reads the configured discovery directories and looks for new mount points that don't have a PV, and creates a PV for it.

  • Deleter: The deleter routine is invoked by the Informer when a PV phase changes. If the phase is Released, then it cleans up the volume and deletes the PV API object.

  • Cache: A central cache stores all the Local PersistentVolumes that the provisioner has created. It is populated by a PV informer that filters out the PVs that belong to this node and have been created by this provisioner. It is used by the Discovery and Deleter routines to get the existing PVs.

  • Controller: The controller runs a sync loop that coordinates the other components. The discovery and deleter run serially to simplify synchronization with the cache and create/delete operations.

Prometheus Metrics

The metrics are exported through the Prometheus golang client on the HTTP endpoint /metrics on the listening port (default 8080).

Metric name Metric type Labels
local_volume_provisioner_persistentvolume_discovery_total Counter mode=<persistentvolume-mode>
local_volume_provisioner_persistentvolume_discovery_duration_seconds Histogram mode=<persistentvolume-mode>
local_volume_provisioner_persistentvolume_delete_total Counter mode=<persistentvolume-mode>
local_volume_provisioner_persistentvolume_delete_failed_total Counter mode=<persistentvolume-mode>
local_volume_provisioner_persistentvolume_delete_duration_seconds Histogram mode=<persistentvolume-mode>
local_volume_provisioner_apiserver_requests_total Counter method=<request-method>
local_volume_provisioner_apiserver_requests_failed_total Counter method=<request-method>
local_volume_provisioner_apiserver_requests_duration_seconds Histogram method=<request-method>
local_volume_provisioner_proctable_running Gauge
local_volume_provisioner_proctable_failed Gauge
local_volume_provisioner_proctable_succeeded Gauge

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