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const (
	// DeviceTypeSpare .. spare device type
	DeviceTypeSpare = "spare"
	// DeviceTypeReadCache .. read cache device type
	DeviceTypeReadCache = "cache"
	// DeviceTypeWriteCache .. write cache device type
	DeviceTypeWriteCache = "log"
	// DeviceTypeEmpty .. empty device type.. data disk
	DeviceTypeEmpty = ""
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const (
	// PoolPrefix is prefix for pool name
	PoolPrefix string = "cstor-"


KubeClient is for kubernetes CR operation

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var OpenEBSClient clientset.Interface

OpenEBSClient is for openebs CR operation


func CheckImportedPoolVolume

func CheckImportedPoolVolume()

CheckImportedPoolVolume will notify CVR controller for new imported pool's volumes

func Create

func Create(csp *apis.CStorPoolInstance) error

Create will create the pool for given csp object

func Delete

func Delete(cspi *apis.CStorPoolInstance) error

Delete will destroy the pool for given cspi. It will also perform labelclear for pool disk.

func ErrorWrapf

func ErrorWrapf(err error, format string, args ...interface{}) error

ErrorWrapf wrap error If given err is nil then it will return new error

func GetPropertyValue

func GetPropertyValue(poolName, property string) (string, error)

GetPropertyValue will return value of given property for given pool

func Import

func Import(cspi *apis.CStorPoolInstance) (bool, error)

Import will import pool for given CSP object. It will also set `cachefile` property for that pool if it is mentioned in object It will return - - If pool is imported or not - If any error occurred during import operation

func IsEmpty

func IsEmpty(s string) bool

IsEmpty check if string is empty or not

func PoolName

func PoolName(csp *apis.CStorPoolInstance) string

PoolName return pool name for given CSP object

func Update

Update will update the deployed pool according to given cspi object


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