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const (
	VolumeOperator = "iscsi"

VolumeOperator is the name of the tool that makes volume-related operations.


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var FileOperatorVar util.FileOperator

FileOperatorVar is used for doing File Operations

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var UnixSockVar util.UnixSock

UnixSockVar is used for communication through Unix Socket


func CheckValidVolume

func CheckValidVolume(cStorVolume *apis.CStorVolume) error

CheckValidVolume checks for validity of CStorVolume resource.

func CreateIstgtConf

func CreateIstgtConf(cStorVolume *apis.CStorVolume) ([]byte, error)

CreateIstgtConf creates istgt.conf file

func CreateVolumeTarget

func CreateVolumeTarget(cStorVolume *apis.CStorVolume) error

CreateVolumeTarget creates a new cStor volume istgt config.

func ExecuteDesiredReplicationFactorCommand

func ExecuteDesiredReplicationFactorCommand(
	cStorVolume *apis.CStorVolume,
	getDRFCmd func(*apis.CStorVolume) string) error

ExecuteDesiredReplicationFactorCommand executes istgtcontrol command to update desired replication factor

func GetScaleDownCommand

func GetScaleDownCommand(cStorVolume *apis.CStorVolume) string

GetScaleDownCommand return replica scale down command Ex command: drf <vol_name> <value> <known replica list>

func GetScaleUpCommand

func GetScaleUpCommand(cstorVolume *apis.CStorVolume) string

GetScaleUpCommand will return data required to execute istgtcontrol drf command Ex command: drf <vol_name> <value>

func GetVolumeStatus

func GetVolumeStatus(cStorVolume *apis.CStorVolume) (*apis.CVStatus, error)

GetVolumeStatus retrieves an array of replica statuses.

func ResizeTargetVolume

func ResizeTargetVolume(cStorVolume *apis.CStorVolume) error

ResizeTargetVolume sends resize volume command to istgt and get the response


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