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func AddKubeConfigFlag

func AddKubeConfigFlag(cmd *cobra.Command, value *string)

AddKubeConfigFlag is used to add a config flag

func AddNamespaceFlag

func AddNamespaceFlag(cmd *cobra.Command, value *string)

AddNamespaceFlag is used to add a namespace flag

func NewCmdBlockDevice

func NewCmdBlockDevice() *cobra.Command

NewCmdBlockDevice and its nested children are created

func NewCmdIscsi

func NewCmdIscsi() *cobra.Command

NewCmdIscsi creates NewCmdBlockDevice and its nested children

func NewCmdOptions

func NewCmdOptions() *cobra.Command

NewCmdOptions creates an options Cobra command to return usage

func NewMayaAgent

func NewMayaAgent() (*cobra.Command, error)

NewMayaAgent creates a new maya-agent. This cmd includes logging, cmd option parsing from flags

func NewSubCmdFormat

func NewSubCmdFormat() *cobra.Command

NewSubCmdFormat formats the specified disk

func NewSubCmdIscsiDiscover

func NewSubCmdIscsiDiscover() *cobra.Command

NewSubCmdIscsiDiscover discovers iscsi block devices

func NewSubCmdIscsiLogin

func NewSubCmdIscsiLogin() *cobra.Command

NewSubCmdIscsiLogin logs in to particular portal or all discovered portals

func NewSubCmdIscsiLogout

func NewSubCmdIscsiLogout() *cobra.Command

NewSubCmdIscsiLogout logs out of particular portal or all discovered portals

func NewSubCmdListBlockDevice

func NewSubCmdListBlockDevice() *cobra.Command

NewSubCmdListBlockDevice is to list block device is created

func NewSubCmdMount

func NewSubCmdMount() *cobra.Command

NewSubCmdMount mounts the specified disk

func NewSubCmdUnMount

func NewSubCmdUnMount() *cobra.Command

NewSubCmdUnMount unmounts specified mounted disk

func Run

func Run(cmd *cobra.Command, options *MayaAgentOptions) error

Run maya-agent


type MayaAgentOptions

type MayaAgentOptions struct {
	KubeConfig string
	Namespace  string

MayaAgentOptions defines a type for the options of MayaAgent

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