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func CheckError

func CheckError(err error)

CheckError prints err to stderr and exits with code 1 if err is not nil. Otherwise, it is a no-op.

func NewCmdStart

func NewCmdStart() *cobra.Command

NewCmdStart creates start command for maya-apiserver

func NewCmdVersion

func NewCmdVersion() *cobra.Command

NewCmdVersion creates the version command

func NewCommand

func NewCommand() *cobra.Command

NewCommand creates the `maya-apiserver` command and its nested children.

func Run

func Run(cmd *cobra.Command, c *CmdStartOptions) error

Run does tasks related to mayaserver.


type CmdStartOptions

type CmdStartOptions struct {
	BindAddr   string
	LogLevel   string
	ConfigPath string
	ShutdownCh <-chan struct{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CmdStartOptions is a cli implementation that runs a maya apiserver. The command will not end unless a shutdown message is sent on the ShutdownCh. If two messages are sent on the ShutdownCh it will forcibly exit.

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