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Package collector is used to collect metrics by implementing prometheus.Collector interface. See function level comments for more details.



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const (

	// SocketPath where istgt is listening
	SocketPath = "/var/run/istgt_ctl_sock"
	// HeaderPrefix is the prefix comes in the header from cstor.
	HeaderPrefix = "iSCSI Target Controller version"
	// EOF separates the strings from response which comes from the
	// cstor as the collection of metrics.
	EOF = "\r\n"
	// Footer is used to verify if all the response has collected.
	Footer = "OK IOSTATS"
	// Command is a command that is used to write over wire and get
	// the iostats from the cstor.
	Command = "IOSTATS"
	// BufSize is the size of response from cstor read at one time.
	BufSize = 1024
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const (

	// Offline is the status of volume when no io's have been served
	// or volume may be in RO state (only for jiva)
	Offline volumeStatus
	// Degraded is the status of volume when volume is
	// performing in degraded mode but all features may available
	// Healthy is the status of volume when volume is serving io's
	// and all features are available or volume may be in RW state
	// (for jiva)
	// Unknown is the status of volume when no info is available


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func Cstor

func Cstor(path string) *cstor

Cstor returns cstor's instance

func Jiva

func Jiva(url *url.URL) *jiva

Jiva returns jiva's instance

func Metrics

func Metrics(cas string) metrics

MetricsInitializer returns the Metrics instance used for registration of exporter while instantiating JivaStatsExporter and CstorStatsExporter.

func New

func New(vol Volume) *collector


type Collector

type Collector interface {
	Describe(chan<- *prometheus.Desc)
	Collect(chan<- prometheus.Metric)

Collector is an interface that is used for initializing various collectors for collecting volume and pool metrics

type Getter

type Getter interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Getter interface defines the method that to be implemented by the cstor and jiva. getter() is used to collect the stats from the Jiva and Cstor.

type Parser

type Parser interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

Parser interface defines the method that to be implemented by the Cstor and Jiva. parse() is used to parse the response into the Metrics struct.

type Volume

type Volume interface {

Volume interface defines the interfaces that has methods to be implemented by various storage engines e.g. cstor, jiva etc.


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