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Package command starts an http server and displays the collected metrics at "/metrics" endpoint. It collects metrics from collector.go You have to instantiate NewExporter by calling collector.NewExporter method and pass the Jiva volume controller IP.



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func AddCASTypeFlag

func AddCASTypeFlag(cmd *cobra.Command, value *string)

AddCASTypeFlag is used to create flag to pass the storage engine name

func AddControllerAddressFlag

func AddControllerAddressFlag(cmd *cobra.Command, value *string)

AddControllerAddressFlag is used to create flag to pass the Jiva volume controllers IP.

func AddListenAddressFlag

func AddListenAddressFlag(cmd *cobra.Command, value *string)

AddListenAddressFlag is used to create flag to pass the listen address of exporter.

func AddMetricsPathFlag

func AddMetricsPathFlag(cmd *cobra.Command, value *string)

AddMetricsPathFlag is used to create flag to pass the listen path where volume metrics are exposed.

func NewCmdVolumeExporter

func NewCmdVolumeExporter() (*cobra.Command, error)

NewCmdVolumeExporter is used to create command monitoring and it initialize monitoring flags also.

func Run

func Run(cmd *cobra.Command, options *VolumeExporterOptions) error

Run used to process commands,args and call openebs exporter and it returns nil on successful execution.


type VolumeExporterOptions

type VolumeExporterOptions struct {
	ListenAddress     string
	MetricsPath       string
	ControllerAddress string
	CASType           string

VolumeExporterOptions is used to create flags for the monitoring command

func (*VolumeExporterOptions) RegisterCstor

func (o *VolumeExporterOptions) RegisterCstor()

RegisterCstor initiates the connection with the cstor and register the exporter with Prometheus for collecting the metrics.This doesn't returns error because that case is handled in InitiateConnection().

func (*VolumeExporterOptions) RegisterJiva

func (o *VolumeExporterOptions) RegisterJiva() error

RegisterJiva parses the jiva controller URL and initialises an instance of Jiva.This returns err if the URL is not correct.

func (*VolumeExporterOptions) RegisterPool

func (o *VolumeExporterOptions) RegisterPool()

RegisterPool registers pool collector which collects pool level metrics

func (*VolumeExporterOptions) StartMayaExporter

func (options *VolumeExporterOptions) StartMayaExporter() error

StartMayaExporter starts an HTTP server that exposes the metrics on <clusterIP>:9500/metrics endpoint and for getting the metrics in json the "type=json" action can be used. e.g <clusterIP>:9500/metrics/?type=json

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