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func CheckError

func CheckError(err error)

CheckError prints err to stderr and exits with code 1 if err is not nil. Otherwise, it is a no-op.

func NewJob

func NewJob() *cobra.Command

NewJob will setup a new upgrade job

func NewUpgradeCStorSPCJob

func NewUpgradeCStorSPCJob() *cobra.Command

NewUpgradeCStorSPCJob upgrades all the cStor Pools associated with a given Storage Pool Claim

func NewUpgradeCStorVolumeJob

func NewUpgradeCStorVolumeJob() *cobra.Command

NewUpgradeCStorVolumeJob upgrade a CStor Volume

func NewUpgradeJivaVolumeJob

func NewUpgradeJivaVolumeJob() *cobra.Command

NewUpgradeJivaVolumeJob upgrade a Jiva Volume

func NewUpgradeResourceJob

func NewUpgradeResourceJob() *cobra.Command

NewUpgradeResourceJob upgrade a resource from upgradeTask

func PreRun

func PreRun(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string)

PreRun will check for environement variables to be read and intialized.


type CStorSPCOptions

type CStorSPCOptions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CStorSPCOptions stores information required for cstor SPC upgrade

type CStorVolumeOptions

type CStorVolumeOptions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CStorVolumeOptions stores information required for cstor volume upgrade

type JivaVolumeOptions

type JivaVolumeOptions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

JivaVolumeOptions stores information required for jiva volume upgrade

type ResourceOptions

type ResourceOptions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ResourceOptions stores information required for upgradeTask upgrade

type UpgradeOptions

type UpgradeOptions struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

UpgradeOptions stores information required for upgrade

func (*UpgradeOptions) InitializeDefaults

func (u *UpgradeOptions) InitializeDefaults(cmd *cobra.Command) error

InitializeDefaults will ensure the default values for optional options are set.

func (*UpgradeOptions) InitializeFromUpgradeTaskResource

func (u *UpgradeOptions) InitializeFromUpgradeTaskResource(
	upgradeTaskCRObj utaskapis.UpgradeTask, cmd *cobra.Command) error

InitializeFromUpgradeTaskResource will populate the UpgradeOptions from given UpgradeTask

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunCStorSPCUpgrade

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunCStorSPCUpgrade(cmd *cobra.Command) error

RunCStorSPCUpgrade upgrades the given Jiva Volume.

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunCStorSPCUpgradeChecks

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunCStorSPCUpgradeChecks(args []string) error

RunCStorSPCUpgradeChecks will ensure the sanity of the cstor SPC upgrade options

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunCStorVolumeUpgrade

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunCStorVolumeUpgrade(cmd *cobra.Command) error

RunCStorVolumeUpgrade upgrades the given CStor Volume.

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunCStorVolumeUpgradeChecks

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunCStorVolumeUpgradeChecks(args []string) error

RunCStorVolumeUpgradeChecks will ensure the sanity of the cstor upgrade options

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunJivaVolumeUpgrade

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunJivaVolumeUpgrade(cmd *cobra.Command) error

RunJivaVolumeUpgrade upgrades the given Jiva Volume.

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunJivaVolumeUpgradeChecks

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunJivaVolumeUpgradeChecks(args []string) error

RunJivaVolumeUpgradeChecks will ensure the sanity of the jiva upgrade options

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunPreFlightChecks

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunPreFlightChecks(cmd *cobra.Command) error

RunPreFlightChecks will ensure the sanity of the common upgrade options

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunResourceUpgrade

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunResourceUpgrade(cmd *cobra.Command) error

RunResourceUpgrade upgrades the given upgradeTask

func (*UpgradeOptions) RunResourceUpgradeChecks

func (u *UpgradeOptions) RunResourceUpgradeChecks(cmd *cobra.Command) error

RunResourceUpgradeChecks will ensure the sanity of the upgradeTask upgrade options

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