OpenM++ Go tools

This repository is a part of OpenM++ open source microsimulation platform. It contains oms web-service, dbcopy utility and openM++ Go libraries.


Build from GitHub master (use this for initial build):

go get
go get

Build from your local sources (use this if made some changes):

go install
go install

By default only SQLite database supported. If you want to use other database vendors (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Oracle) then compile dbcopy with ODBC support:

go install -tags odbc

Please visit our wiki for more information or e-mail to: openmpp dot org at gmail dot com.

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Path Synopsis
dbcopy dbcopy is command line tool for import-export OpenM++ model metadata, input parameters and run results.
ompp/config Package config to merge run options: command line arguments and ini-file content.
ompp/db Package db to support openM++ model database operations.
ompp/helper Package helper is a set common helper functions
ompp/omppLog Package omppLog to println messages to standard output and log file.
oms oms is openM++ JSON web-service which is also used as simple web-server for openM++ UI html pages.