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Running the fake gNMI target

First create a config file (text protobuf from testing/fake/proto/fake.proto).

You can use a gen_fake_config tool in this repo (modify ../gen_fake_config/gen_config.go as needed and go run ../gen_fake_config/gen_config.go).

Next, compile the server binary (go build or go install).

Make sure you have TLS key pair for the server (a self-signed pair is fine).

Finally, run:

$ fake_server --config config.pb.txt --text --port 8080 --server_crt <path to server TLS cert> --server_key <path to server TLS key> --allow_no_client_auth --logtostderr

(replace binary and config paths as needed).

If you wish to verify client TLS authentication, don't use --allow_no_client_auth and set --ca_crt to CA certificate path.

To verify your server is running, try:

$ gnmi_cli -a localhost:8080 -q '*' -logtostderr -insecure -qt s

Check the ./server --help output for full flag set.



The fake_server is a simple gRPC gnmi agent implementation which will take a configuration and start a listening service for the configured target.

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