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const DCSFrameMark = "\x02\x02\x18"


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func DCSDateToTime

func DCSDateToTime(date string) time.Time


type AncillaryText

type AncillaryText StringFieldRecord

func MakeAncillaryText

func MakeAncillaryText(data []byte) *AncillaryText

func (*AncillaryText) GetType

func (a *AncillaryText) GetType() int

type AnnotationRecord

type AnnotationRecord StringFieldRecord

func MakeAnnotationRecord

func MakeAnnotationRecord(data []byte) *AnnotationRecord

func (*AnnotationRecord) GetType

func (a *AnnotationRecord) GetType() int

type BaseRecord

type BaseRecord interface {
	GetType() int

type DCSData

type DCSData struct {
	Header  string
	Packets []*DCSPacket

func ParseDCS

func ParseDCS(data []byte) *DCSData

type DCSFilenameRecord

type DCSFilenameRecord StringFieldRecord

func MakeDCSFilenameRecord

func MakeDCSFilenameRecord(data []byte) *DCSFilenameRecord

func (*DCSFilenameRecord) GetType

func (a *DCSFilenameRecord) GetType() int

type DCSPacket

type DCSPacket struct {
	Address         string
	DateTime        time.Time
	Status          string
	Signal          int
	FrequencyOffset int
	ModIndexNormal  string
	DataQualNominal string
	Channel         string
	SourceCode      string

func MakeDCSPacket

func MakeDCSPacket(data []byte) *DCSPacket

type HeaderStructuredRecord

type HeaderStructuredRecord StringFieldRecord

func MakeHeaderStructuredRecord

func MakeHeaderStructuredRecord(data []byte) *HeaderStructuredRecord

func (*HeaderStructuredRecord) GetType

func (a *HeaderStructuredRecord) GetType() int

type ImageDataFunctionRecord

type ImageDataFunctionRecord StringFieldRecord

func MakeImageDataFunctionRecord

func MakeImageDataFunctionRecord(data []byte) *ImageDataFunctionRecord

func (*ImageDataFunctionRecord) GetType

func (a *ImageDataFunctionRecord) GetType() int

type ImageNavigationRecord

type ImageNavigationRecord struct {
	Type byte

	ProjectionName      string
	ColumnScalingFactor uint32
	LineScalingFactor   uint32
	ColumnOffset        int32
	LineOffset          int32

func MakeImageNavigationRecord

func MakeImageNavigationRecord(data []byte) *ImageNavigationRecord

func (*ImageNavigationRecord) GetType

func (imr *ImageNavigationRecord) GetType() int

type ImageStructureRecord

type ImageStructureRecord struct {
	Type byte

	BitsPerPixel byte
	Columns      uint16
	Lines        uint16
	Compression  byte

func MakeImageStructureRecord

func MakeImageStructureRecord(data []byte) *ImageStructureRecord

func (*ImageStructureRecord) GetType

func (isr *ImageStructureRecord) GetType() int

type NOAASpecificRecord

type NOAASpecificRecord struct {
	Type         byte
	Signature    string
	ProductID    uint16
	ProductSubID uint16
	Parameter    uint16
	Compression  byte

func MakeNOAASpecificRecord

func MakeNOAASpecificRecord(data []byte) *NOAASpecificRecord

func (*NOAASpecificRecord) GetType

func (nsr *NOAASpecificRecord) GetType() int

func (*NOAASpecificRecord) Product

func (nsr *NOAASpecificRecord) Product() PacketData.NOAAProduct

func (*NOAASpecificRecord) SubProduct

func (nsr *NOAASpecificRecord) SubProduct() PacketData.NOAASubProduct

type PrimaryRecord

type PrimaryRecord struct {
	Type         byte
	Size         uint16
	FileTypeCode byte
	HeaderLength uint32
	DataLength   uint64

func MakePrimaryRecord

func MakePrimaryRecord(data []byte) *PrimaryRecord

func (*PrimaryRecord) GetType

func (pr *PrimaryRecord) GetType() int

type RiceCompressionRecord

type RiceCompressionRecord struct {
	Type  byte
	Flags uint16
	Pixel byte
	Line  byte

func MakeRiceCompressionRecord

func MakeRiceCompressionRecord(data []byte) *RiceCompressionRecord

func (*RiceCompressionRecord) GetType

func (rcr *RiceCompressionRecord) GetType() int

type SegmentIdentificationRecord

type SegmentIdentificationRecord struct {
	Type        byte
	ImageID     uint16
	Sequence    uint16
	StartColumn uint16
	StartLine   uint16
	MaxSegments uint16
	MaxColumns  uint16
	MaxRows     uint16

func MakeSegmentIdentificationRecord

func MakeSegmentIdentificationRecord(data []byte) *SegmentIdentificationRecord

func (*SegmentIdentificationRecord) GetType

func (sir *SegmentIdentificationRecord) GetType() int

type StringFieldRecord

type StringFieldRecord struct {
	Type       byte
	StringData string

func (*StringFieldRecord) GetType

func (sfr *StringFieldRecord) GetType() int

type TimestampRecord

type TimestampRecord struct {
	Type         byte
	Days         uint16
	Milisseconds uint32

func MakeTimestampRecord

func MakeTimestampRecord(data []byte) *TimestampRecord

func (*TimestampRecord) GetDateTime

func (tr *TimestampRecord) GetDateTime() time.Time

func (*TimestampRecord) GetType

func (tr *TimestampRecord) GetType() int

type UnknownHeader

type UnknownHeader struct {
	Type byte
	Data []byte

func MakeUnknownHeader

func MakeUnknownHeader(headerType byte, data []byte) *UnknownHeader

func (*UnknownHeader) GetType

func (uh *UnknownHeader) GetType() int

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