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var Xmlns = ""


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type Bucket

type Bucket struct {
	Name               string `xml:"Name"`
	CreationDate       string `xml:"CreationDate"`
	LocationConstraint string `xml:"LocationConstraint"`

type CompleteMultipartUpload

type CompleteMultipartUpload struct {
	Xmlns string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Part  []Part `xml:"Part"`

type CompleteMultipartUploadResult

type CompleteMultipartUploadResult struct {
	Xmlns    string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Location string `xml:"Location"`
	Bucket   string `xml:"Bucket"`
	Key      string `xml:"Key"`
	ETag     string `xml:"ETag"`

type CreateBucketConfiguration

type CreateBucketConfiguration struct {
	Xmlns              string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	LocationConstraint string `xml:"LocationConstraint"`

type InitiateMultipartUploadResult

type InitiateMultipartUploadResult struct {
	Xmlns    string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Bucket   string `xml:"Bucket"`
	Key      string `xml:"Key"`
	UploadId string `xml:"UploadId"`

type ListAllMyBucketsResult

type ListAllMyBucketsResult struct {
	Xmlns   string   `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Owner   Owner    `xml:"Owner"`
	Buckets []Bucket `xml:"Buckets"`

type ListPartsOutput

type ListPartsOutput struct {
	Xmlns       string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Bucket      string `xml:"Bucket"`
	Key         string `xml:"Key"`
	UploadId    string `xml:"UploadId"`
	MaxParts    int    `xml:"MaxParts"`
	IsTruncated bool   `xml:"IsTruncated"`
	Owner       Owner  `xml:"Owner"`
	Parts       []Part `xml:"Part"`

type ListStorageClasses added in v0.5.2

type ListStorageClasses struct {
	Xmlns   string         `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Classes []StorageClass `xml:"Class"`

type Owner

type Owner struct {
	ID          string `xml:"ID"`
	DisplayName string `xml:"DisplayName"`

type Part

type Part struct {
	PartNumber int64  `xml:"PartNumber"`
	ETag       string `xml:"ETag"`

type StorageClass added in v0.5.2

type StorageClass struct {
	Name string `xml:"Name"`
	Tier int32  `xml:"Tier"`

type UploadPartResult

type UploadPartResult struct {
	Xmlns      string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	PartNumber int64  `xml:"PartNumber"`
	ETag       string `xml:"ETag"`

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