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func BehaviorOnPanic

func BehaviorOnPanic(modeString string, productVersion version.Info) func()

BehaviorOnPanic is a helper for setting the crash mode of OpenShift when a panic is caught. It returns a function that should be the defer handler for the caller.

func InitLogrus

func InitLogrus(level string)

InitLogrus initializes logrus by setting a loglevel for it.

func StartProfiler

func StartProfiler()

StartProfiler starts the golang profiler on a port if `web` is specified. It uses the "standard" openshift env vars


type SentryMonitor

type SentryMonitor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SentryMonitor encapsulates a Sentry client and set of default tags

func NewSentryMonitor

func NewSentryMonitor(url string, version version.Info) (*SentryMonitor, error)

NewSentryMonitor creates a class that can capture panics and errors from OpenShift and Kubernetes that can roll up to a Sentry server.

func (*SentryMonitor) CaptureError

func (m *SentryMonitor) CaptureError(err error)

CaptureError is used by the Sentry client to capture errors

func (*SentryMonitor) CapturePanic

func (m *SentryMonitor) CapturePanic(capture interface{})

CapturePanic is used by the Sentry client to capture panics

func (*SentryMonitor) CapturePanicAndWait

func (m *SentryMonitor) CapturePanicAndWait(capture interface{}, until time.Duration)

CapturePanicAndWait waits until either the Sentry client captures a panic or the provided time expires

type Stop

type Stop interface {

Stop is a function to defer in your main call to provide profile info.

func Profile

func Profile(mode string) Stop

Profile returns an interface to defer for a profile: `defer serviceability.Profile(os.Getenv("OPENSHIFT_PROFILE")).Stop()` is common. Suffixing the mode with `-tmp` will have the profiler write the run to a temporary directory with a unique name, which is useful when running the same command multiple times.

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