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type EnvVar

type EnvVar struct {
	// Name is the environment name for the parameter.
	Name string
	// Value is the value of the parameter.
	Value interface{}
	// Secret indicates whether to the value contains sensitive information and
	// should be stored in a secret.
	Secret bool

EnvVar represents a value for a Distribution configuration parameter.

func (EnvVar) EnvValue

func (e EnvVar) EnvValue() (string, error)

EnvValue returns the string that represents Value and can be used a value for the environment variable.

type List

type List []EnvVar

List is a list of configuration parameters.

func (List) EnvVars

func (l List) EnvVars(secretName string) ([]corev1.EnvVar, error)

EnvVars returns a list of environment variables to set in the container. Secret values are sourced from the secret.

func (List) SecretData

func (l List) SecretData() (map[string]string, error)

SecretData returns a data for the secret that should be used with the EnvVars method.

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