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func InvalidateCache

func InvalidateCache()

InvalidateCache invalidates the registry cache. This function is meant to be used for long-running processes that need to reload potential changes made to the cached registry config files.


type InvalidRegistries

type InvalidRegistries struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

InvalidRegistries represents an invalid registry configurations. An example is when "" is defined multiple times in the configuration but with conflicting security settings.

func (*InvalidRegistries) Error

func (e *InvalidRegistries) Error() string

Error returns the error string.

type Mirror

type Mirror struct {
	// The mirror's URL.
	URL string `toml:"url"`
	// If true, certs verification will be skipped and HTTP (non-TLS)
	// connections will be allowed.
	Insecure bool `toml:"insecure"`

Mirror represents a mirror. Mirrors can be used as pull-through caches for registries.

type Registry

type Registry struct {
	// Serializable registry URL.
	URL string `toml:"url"`
	// The registry's mirrors.
	Mirrors []Mirror `toml:"mirror"`
	// If true, pulling from the registry will be blocked.
	Blocked bool `toml:"blocked"`
	// If true, certs verification will be skipped and HTTP (non-TLS)
	// connections will be allowed.
	Insecure bool `toml:"insecure"`
	// If true, the registry can be used when pulling an unqualified image.
	Search bool `toml:"unqualified-search"`
	// Prefix is used for matching images, and to translate one namespace to
	// another.  If `Prefix=""`, `URL=""`
	// and we pull from "", the image will
	// effectively be pulled from "".
	// If no Prefix is specified, it defaults to the specified URL.
	Prefix string `toml:"prefix"`

Registry represents a registry.

func FindRegistry

func FindRegistry(ctx *types.SystemContext, ref string) (*Registry, error)

FindRegistry returns the Registry with the longest prefix for ref, which is a registry, repository namespace repository or image reference (as formatted by reference.Domain(), reference.Named.Name() or reference.Reference.String() — note that this requires the name to start with an explicit hostname!). If no Registry prefixes the image, nil is returned.

func FindUnqualifiedSearchRegistries

func FindUnqualifiedSearchRegistries(ctx *types.SystemContext) ([]Registry, error)

FindUnqualifiedSearchRegistries returns all registries that are configured for unqualified image search (i.e., with Registry.Search == true).

func GetRegistries

func GetRegistries(ctx *types.SystemContext) ([]Registry, error)

GetRegistries loads and returns the registries specified in the config. Note the parsed content of registry config files is cached. For reloading, use `InvalidateCache` and re-call `GetRegistries`.

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