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Package libvirt contains libvirt-specific structures for installer configuration and management.



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const Name string = "libvirt"

Name is the name for the libvirt platform.


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type MachinePool

type MachinePool struct {

MachinePool stores the configuration for a machine pool installed on libvirt.

func (*MachinePool) Set

func (l *MachinePool) Set(required *MachinePool)

Set sets the values from `required` to `a`.

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	URI string `json:"uri"`

Metadata contains libvirt metadata (e.g. for uninstalling the cluster).

type Network

type Network struct {
	// +optional
	// Default is tt0.
	IfName string `json:"if,omitempty"`

Network is the configuration of the libvirt network.

type Platform

type Platform struct {
	// URI is the identifier for the libvirtd connection.  It must be
	// reachable from both the host (where the installer is run) and the
	// cluster (where the cluster-API controller pod will be running).
	// +optional
	// Default is qemu+tcp://
	URI string `json:"URI,omitempty"`

	// DefaultMachinePlatform is the default configuration used when
	// installing on libvirt for machine pools which do not define their
	// own platform configuration.
	// +optional
	// Default will set the image field to the latest RHCOS image.
	DefaultMachinePlatform *MachinePool `json:"defaultMachinePlatform,omitempty"`

	// Network
	// +optional
	Network *Network `json:"network,omitempty"`

Platform stores all the global configuration that all machinesets use.


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