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func NewConfigObserver

func NewConfigObserver(
	operatorClient v1helpers.OperatorClient,
	eventRecorder events.Recorder,
	listers Listers,
	informers []factory.Informer,
	observers ...ObserveConfigFunc,
) factory.Controller

func NewNestedConfigObserver

func NewNestedConfigObserver(
	operatorClient v1helpers.OperatorClient,
	eventRecorder events.Recorder,
	listers Listers,
	informers []factory.Informer,
	nestedConfigPath []string,
	degradedConditionPrefix string,
	observers ...ObserveConfigFunc,
) factory.Controller

NewNestedConfigObserver creates a config observer that watches changes to a nested field (nestedConfigPath) in the config. Useful when the config is shared across multiple controllers in the same process.


Given the following configuration, you could run two separate controllers and point each to its own section. The first controller would be responsible for "oauthAPIServer" and the second for "oauthServer" section.

"observedConfig": {
  "oauthAPIServer": {
    "apiServerArguments": {"tls-min-version": "VersionTLS12"}
  "oauthServer": {
    "corsAllowedOrigins": [ "//127\\.0\\.0\\.1(:|$)","//localhost(:|$)"]

oauthAPIController := NewNestedConfigObserver(..., []string{"oauthAPIServer"} oauthServerController := NewNestedConfigObserver(..., []string{"oauthServer"}

func Pruned

func Pruned(obj map[string]interface{}, pths ...[]string) map[string]interface{}

Pruned returns the unstructured filtered by the given paths, i.e. everything outside of them will be dropped. The returned data structure might overlap with the input, but the input is not mutated. In case of error for a path, that path is dropped.


type ConfigObserver

type ConfigObserver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Listers

type Listers interface {
	// ResourceSyncer can be used to copy content from one namespace to another
	ResourceSyncer() resourcesynccontroller.ResourceSyncer
	PreRunHasSynced() []cache.InformerSynced

Listers is an interface which will be passed to the config observer funcs. It is expected to be hard-cast to the "correct" type

type ObserveConfigFunc

type ObserveConfigFunc func(listers Listers, recorder events.Recorder, existingConfig map[string]interface{}) (observedConfig map[string]interface{}, errs []error)

ObserveConfigFunc observes configuration and returns the observedConfig. This function should not return an observedConfig that would cause the service being managed by the operator to crash. For example, if a required configuration key cannot be observed, consider reusing the configuration key's previous value. Errors that occur while attempting to generate the observedConfig should be returned in the errs slice.

func WithPrefix

func WithPrefix(observer ObserveConfigFunc, prefix ...string) ObserveConfigFunc

WithPrefix adds a prefix to the path the input observer would otherwise observe into


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