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func GetLogLevel

func GetLogLevel() (operatorv1.LogLevel, bool)

GetLogLevel attempts to guess the current log level that is used by klog. The bool value returned determine whether we were able to determine the current log level or not. We can use flags here as well, but this is less ugly ano more programmatically correct than flags.

func LogLevelToVerbosity

func LogLevelToVerbosity(logLevel operatorv1.LogLevel) int

LogLevelToVerbosity transforms operator log level to a klog numeric verbosity level.

func NewClusterOperatorLoggingController

func NewClusterOperatorLoggingController(operatorClient operatorv1helpers.OperatorClient, recorder events.Recorder) factory.Controller

NewClusterOperatorLoggingController sets a klog level for the operator based on the operator config. If the loglevel is not set the default "Normal" level will be used. This controller supports removable operands, as configured in pkg/operator/management and uses level "Normal" if the operator CR is missing.

func NewClusterOperatorLoggingControllerWithLogLevel

func NewClusterOperatorLoggingControllerWithLogLevel(operatorClient operatorv1helpers.OperatorClient, defaultLogLevel operatorv1.LogLevel, recorder events.Recorder) factory.Controller

NewClusterOperatorLoggingControllerWithLogLevel sets a klog level for the operator based on the operator config, using the given default log level if the operator config does not specify anything

func SetLogLevel

func SetLogLevel(targetLevel operatorv1.LogLevel) error

SetLogLevel is a nasty hack and attempt to manipulate the global flags as klog does not expose a way to dynamically change the loglevel in runtime.

func ValidLogLevel

func ValidLogLevel(logLevel operatorv1.LogLevel) bool


type LogLevelController

type LogLevelController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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