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func GetMatcher

func GetMatcher(selector quotav1.ClusterResourceQuotaSelector) (func(obj runtime.Object) (bool, error), error)

func GetObjectMatcher

func GetObjectMatcher(selector quotav1.ClusterResourceQuotaSelector) (func(obj metav1.Object) (bool, error), error)

func GetResourceQuotasStatusByNamespace

func GetResourceQuotasStatusByNamespace(namespaceStatuses quotav1.ResourceQuotasStatusByNamespace, namespace string) (corev1.ResourceQuotaStatus, bool)

func InsertResourceQuotasStatus

func InsertResourceQuotasStatus(namespaceStatuses *quotav1.ResourceQuotasStatusByNamespace, newStatus quotav1.ResourceQuotaStatusByNamespace)

func NewClusterQuotaMapper

func NewClusterQuotaMapper() *clusterQuotaMapper

func RemoveResourceQuotasStatusByNamespace

func RemoveResourceQuotasStatusByNamespace(namespaceStatuses *quotav1.ResourceQuotasStatusByNamespace, namespace string)


type ClusterQuotaMapper

type ClusterQuotaMapper interface {
	// GetClusterQuotasFor returns the list of clusterquota names that this namespace matches.  It also
	// returns the selectionFields associated with the namespace for the check so that callers can determine staleness
	GetClusterQuotasFor(namespaceName string) ([]string, SelectionFields)
	// GetNamespacesFor returns the list of namespace names that this cluster quota matches.  It also
	// returns the selector associated with the clusterquota for the check so that callers can determine staleness
	GetNamespacesFor(quotaName string) ([]string, quotav1.ClusterResourceQuotaSelector)

	AddListener(listener MappingChangeListener)

type ClusterQuotaMappingController

type ClusterQuotaMappingController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewClusterQuotaMappingController

func NewClusterQuotaMappingController(namespaceInformer corev1informers.NamespaceInformer, quotaInformer quotainformer.ClusterResourceQuotaInformer) *ClusterQuotaMappingController

NewClusterQuotaMappingController builds a mapping between namespaces and clusterresourcequotas

func (*ClusterQuotaMappingController) GetClusterQuotaMapper

func (c *ClusterQuotaMappingController) GetClusterQuotaMapper() ClusterQuotaMapper

func (*ClusterQuotaMappingController) Run

func (c *ClusterQuotaMappingController) Run(workers int, stopCh <-chan struct{})

type MappingChangeListener

type MappingChangeListener interface {
	AddMapping(quotaName, namespaceName string)
	RemoveMapping(quotaName, namespaceName string)

MappingChangeListener is notified of changes to the mapping. It must not block.

type SelectionFields

type SelectionFields struct {
	Labels      map[string]string
	Annotations map[string]string

func GetSelectionFields

func GetSelectionFields(namespace metav1.Object) SelectionFields

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