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const (

	// CurrentMachineConfigAnnotationKey is used to fetch current MachineConfig for a machine
	CurrentMachineConfigAnnotationKey = ""
	// DesiredMachineConfigAnnotationKey is used to specify the desired MachineConfig for a machine
	DesiredMachineConfigAnnotationKey = ""
	// MachineConfigDaemonStateAnnotationKey is used to fetch the state of the daemon on the machine.
	MachineConfigDaemonStateAnnotationKey = ""
	// MachineConfigDaemonStateWorking is set by daemon when it is applying an update.
	MachineConfigDaemonStateWorking = "Working"
	// MachineConfigDaemonStateDone is set by daemon when it is done applying an update.
	MachineConfigDaemonStateDone = "Done"
	// MachineConfigDaemonStateDegraded is set by daemon when an error not caused by a bad MachineConfig
	// is thrown during an udpate.
	MachineConfigDaemonStateDegraded = "Degraded"
	// MachineConfigDaemonStateUnreconcilable is set by the daemon when a MachineConfig cannot be applied.
	MachineConfigDaemonStateUnreconcilable = "Unreconcilable"
	// MachineConfigDaemonReasonAnnotationKey is set by the daemon when it needs to report a human readable reason for its state. E.g. when state flips to degraded/unreconcilable.
	MachineConfigDaemonReasonAnnotationKey = ""
	// InitialNodeAnnotationsFilePath defines the path at which it will find the node annotations it needs to set on the node once it comes up for the first time.
	// The Machine Config Server writes the node annotations to this path.
	InitialNodeAnnotationsFilePath = "/etc/machine-config-daemon/node-annotations.json"
	// InitialNodeAnnotationsBakPath defines the path of InitialNodeAnnotationsFilePath when the initial bootstrap is done. We leave it around for debugging and reconciling.
	InitialNodeAnnotationsBakPath = "/etc/machine-config-daemon/node-annotation.json.bak"

	// EtcPivotFile is used by the `pivot` command
	// For more information, see
	EtcPivotFile = "/etc/pivot/image-pullspec"

	// MachineConfigEncapsulatedPath contains all of the data from a MachineConfig object
	// except the Spec/Config object; this supports inverting+encapsulating a MachineConfig
	// object so that Ignition can process it on first boot, and then the MCD can act on
	// non-Ignition fields such as the osImageURL and kernelArguments.
	MachineConfigEncapsulatedPath = "/etc/ignition-machine-config-encapsulated.json"


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