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Published: Jun 13, 2018 License: Apache-2.0


Project Lifecycle Monitoring Application

This app measures availability of the application creation workflow in OpenShift.


To run out of cluster, make sure the KUBECONFIG environment variable is set and then:

$ monitor run --config /some/config.yaml

# verbose logging
$ monitor run --config /some/config.yaml --alsologtostderr --v 2

Here's an example config file:

listenAddress: ""
runInterval: 1m
availabilityTimeout: 5m
  namespace: openshift
  name: django-psql-persistent
  availabilityRoute: django-psql-persistent
  parameters: # Empty, use template defaults


To build the binary, run

$ make

To build the RPM and images with Docker, run

$ OS_BUILD_ENV_PRESERVE=_output/local/bin hack/env make build-images

Updating Go Tooling

See for instructions on how to update the Go tooling used by this project.

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