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const DefaultStorageClassRBD = DefaultStorageClusterName + "-ceph-rbd"

DefaultStorageClassRBD is the name of the ceph rbd storage class the test suite installs

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const DefaultStorageClusterName = "test-storagecluster"

DefaultStorageClusterName is the name of the storage cluster the test suite installs

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const InstallNamespace = "openshift-storage"

InstallNamespace is the namespace ocs is installed into


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type DeployManager

type DeployManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeployManager is a util tool used by the functional tests

func NewDeployManager

func NewDeployManager() (*DeployManager, error)

NewDeployManager creates a DeployManager struct with default configuration

func (*DeployManager) ArbiterEnabled

func (t *DeployManager) ArbiterEnabled() bool

ArbiterEnabled returns true if the arbiter configuration is enabled in the deploy manager

func (*DeployManager) CreateNamespace

func (t *DeployManager) CreateNamespace(namespace string) error

CreateNamespace creates a namespace in the cluster, ignoring if it already exists

func (*DeployManager) DefaultStorageCluster

func (t *DeployManager) DefaultStorageCluster() (*ocsv1.StorageCluster, error)

DefaultStorageCluster returns a default StorageCluster manifest

func (*DeployManager) DeleteNamespaceAndWait

func (t *DeployManager) DeleteNamespaceAndWait(namespace string) error

DeleteNamespaceAndWait deletes a namespace and waits on it to terminate

func (*DeployManager) DeleteStorageClusterAndWait

func (t *DeployManager) DeleteStorageClusterAndWait(namespace string) error

DeleteStorageClusterAndWait deletes a storageClusterCR and waits on it to terminate

func (*DeployManager) DeployOCSWithOLM

func (t *DeployManager) DeployOCSWithOLM(ocsRegistryImage string, subscriptionChannel string) error

DeployOCSWithOLM deploys ocs operator via an olm subscription

func (*DeployManager) DumpYAML

func (t *DeployManager) DumpYAML(ocsRegistryImage string, subscriptionChannel string) string

DumpYAML dumps ocs deployment yaml

func (*DeployManager) EnableArbiter

func (t *DeployManager) EnableArbiter()

EnableArbiter sets the arbiter configuration to true in the deploy manager. The arbiter zone is automatically determied at the time of cluster deploy.

func (*DeployManager) GetArbiterZone

func (t *DeployManager) GetArbiterZone() string

GetArbiterZone returns the elected arbiter zone.

func (*DeployManager) GetCrClient

func (t *DeployManager) GetCrClient() crclient.Client

GetCrClient is the function used to retrieve the controller-runtime client

func (*DeployManager) GetCsv

GetCsv retrieves the csv named ocs-operator

func (*DeployManager) GetDeploymentImage

func (t *DeployManager) GetDeploymentImage(name string) (string, error)

GetDeploymentImage returns the deployment image name for the deployment

func (*DeployManager) GetK8sClient

func (t *DeployManager) GetK8sClient() *kubernetes.Clientset

GetK8sClient is the function used to retrieve the kubernetes client

func (*DeployManager) GetNamespace

func (t *DeployManager) GetNamespace() string

GetNamespace is the function used to retrieve the installation namespace

func (*DeployManager) GetOcsClient

func (t *DeployManager) GetOcsClient() *rest.RESTClient

GetOcsClient is the function used to retrieve the ocs client

func (*DeployManager) GetParameterCodec

func (t *DeployManager) GetParameterCodec() runtime.ParameterCodec

GetParameterCodec is the function used to retrieve the parameterCodec

func (*DeployManager) GetRookClient

func (t *DeployManager) GetRookClient() *rookclient.Clientset

GetRookClient is the function used to retrieve the rook client

func (*DeployManager) RemoveAllFinalizers

func (t *DeployManager) RemoveAllFinalizers(namespace string) error

RemoveAllFinalizers removes all finalizers from every object in the target namespace

func (*DeployManager) StartDefaultStorageCluster

func (t *DeployManager) StartDefaultStorageCluster() error

StartDefaultStorageCluster creates and waits on a StorageCluster to come online

func (*DeployManager) UninstallOCS

func (t *DeployManager) UninstallOCS(ocsRegistryImage string, subscriptionChannel string) error

UninstallOCS uninstalls ocs operator and storage clusters

func (*DeployManager) UpgradeOCSWithOLM

func (t *DeployManager) UpgradeOCSWithOLM(ocsRegistryImage string, subscriptionChannel string) error

UpgradeOCSWithOLM upgrades ocs operator via an olm subscription

func (*DeployManager) VerifyComponentOperators

func (t *DeployManager) VerifyComponentOperators() error

VerifyComponentOperators makes sure that deployment images matches the ones specified in the csv deployment specs

func (*DeployManager) WaitForCsvUpgrade

func (t *DeployManager) WaitForCsvUpgrade(csvName string, subscriptionChannel string) error

WaitForCsvUpgrade waits for the catalogsource to come online after an upgrade

func (*DeployManager) WaitForJobSucceeded

func (t *DeployManager) WaitForJobSucceeded(job *batchv1.Job, namespace string) error

WaitForJobSucceeded waits for a Job with a given name and namespace to succeed until 200 seconds

func (*DeployManager) WaitForOCSOperator

func (t *DeployManager) WaitForOCSOperator() error

WaitForOCSOperator waits for the ocs-operator to come online

func (*DeployManager) WaitForPVCBound

func (t *DeployManager) WaitForPVCBound(pvc *k8sv1.PersistentVolumeClaim, namespace string) error

WaitForPVCBound waits for a pvc with a given name and namespace to reach BOUND phase

func (*DeployManager) WaitOnStorageCluster

func (t *DeployManager) WaitOnStorageCluster() error

WaitOnStorageCluster waits for storage cluster to come online

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