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func BindMasterArgs

func BindMasterArgs(args *MasterArgs, flags *pflag.FlagSet, prefix string)

BindMasterArgs binds the options to the flags with prefix + default flag names


type MasterArgs

type MasterArgs struct {
	// MasterAddr is the master address for use by OpenShift components (host, host:port, or URL).
	// Scheme and port default to the --listen scheme and port. When unset, attempt to use the first
	// public IPv4 non-loopback address registered on this host.
	MasterAddr flagtypes.Addr

	// EtcdAddr is the address of the etcd server (host, host:port, or URL). If specified, no built-in
	// etcd will be started.
	EtcdAddr flagtypes.Addr

	// MasterPublicAddr is the master address for use by public clients, if different (host, host:port,
	// or URL). Defaults to same as --master.
	MasterPublicAddr flagtypes.Addr

	// StartAPI controls whether the API component of the master is started (to support the API role)
	// TODO: once we implement bastion role and kube/os controller role, revisit
	StartAPI bool
	// StartControllers controls whether the controller component of the master is started (to support
	// the controller role)
	StartControllers bool

	// DNSBindAddr exposed for integration tests to set
	DNSBindAddr flagtypes.Addr

	// EtcdDir is the etcd data directory.
	EtcdDir   string
	ConfigDir *flag.StringFlag

	// CORSAllowedOrigins is a list of allowed origins for CORS, comma separated.
	// An allowed origin can be a regular expression to support subdomain matching.
	// CORS is enabled for localhost,, and the asset server by default.
	CORSAllowedOrigins []string

	APIServerCAFiles []string

	ListenArg          *options.ListenArg
	ImageFormatArgs    *options.ImageFormatArgs
	KubeConnectionArgs *options.KubeConnectionArgs

	SchedulerConfigFile string

	NetworkArgs *options.NetworkArgs

	OverrideConfig func(config *configapi.MasterConfig) error

MasterArgs is a struct that the command stores flag values into. It holds a partially complete set of parameters for starting the master This object should hold the common set values, but not attempt to handle all cases. The expected path is to use this object to create a fully specified config later on. If you need something not set here, then create a fully specified config file and pass that as argument to starting the master.

func NewDefaultMasterArgs

func NewDefaultMasterArgs() *MasterArgs

NewDefaultMasterArgs creates MasterArgs with sub-objects created and default values set.

func (MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableEtcdConfig

func (args MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableEtcdConfig() (*configapi.EtcdConfig, error)

BuildSerializeableEtcdConfig creates a fully specified etcd startup configuration based on MasterArgs

func (MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableKubeMasterConfig

func (args MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableKubeMasterConfig() (*configapi.KubernetesMasterConfig, error)

BuildSerializeableKubeMasterConfig creates a fully specified kubernetes master startup configuration based on MasterArgs

func (MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableMasterConfig

func (args MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableMasterConfig() (*configapi.MasterConfig, error)

BuildSerializeableMasterConfig takes the MasterArgs (partially complete config) and uses them along with defaulting behavior to create the fully specified config object for starting the master

func (MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableOAuthConfig

func (args MasterArgs) BuildSerializeableOAuthConfig() (*configapi.OAuthConfig, error)

func (MasterArgs) GetAssetPublicAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetAssetPublicAddress() (*url.URL, error)

func (MasterArgs) GetConfigFileToWrite

func (args MasterArgs) GetConfigFileToWrite() string

GetConfigFileToWrite returns the configuration filepath for master

func (MasterArgs) GetDNSBindAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetDNSBindAddress() (flagtypes.Addr, error)

func (MasterArgs) GetEtcdAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetEtcdAddress() (*url.URL, error)

GetEtcdAddress returns the address for etcd

func (MasterArgs) GetEtcdBindAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetEtcdBindAddress() string

GetEtcdBindAddress derives the etcd bind address by using the bind address and the default etcd port

func (MasterArgs) GetEtcdPeerAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetEtcdPeerAddress() (*url.URL, error)

func (MasterArgs) GetEtcdPeerBindAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetEtcdPeerBindAddress() string

GetEtcdPeerBindAddress derives the etcd peer address by using the bind address and the default etcd peering port

func (MasterArgs) GetMasterAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetMasterAddress() (*url.URL, error)

GetMasterAddress checks for an unset master address and then attempts to use the first public IPv4 non-loopback address registered on this host. TODO: make me IPv6 safe

func (MasterArgs) GetMasterPublicAddress

func (args MasterArgs) GetMasterPublicAddress() (*url.URL, error)

func (MasterArgs) GetServerCertHostnames

func (args MasterArgs) GetServerCertHostnames() (sets.String, error)

GetServerCertHostnames returns the set of hostnames that any serving certificate for master needs to be valid for.

func (MasterArgs) Validate

func (args MasterArgs) Validate() error


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