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type RegistryHostnameRetriever

type RegistryHostnameRetriever interface {
	InternalRegistryHostname() (string, bool)
	ExternalRegistryHostname() (string, bool)

RegistryHostnameRetriever represents an interface for retrieving the hostname of internal and external registry.

func DefaultRegistryHostnameRetriever

func DefaultRegistryHostnameRetriever(clientConfig *rest.Config, external, internal string) (RegistryHostnameRetriever, error)

func TestingRegistryHostnameRetriever

func TestingRegistryHostnameRetriever(deprecatedDefaultRegistryEnvFn func() (string, bool), external, internal string) RegistryHostnameRetriever

DefaultRegistryHostnameRetriever is a default implementation of RegistryHostnameRetriever. The first argument is a function that lazy-loads the value of OPENSHIFT_DEFAULT_REGISTRY environment variable which should be deprecated in future.

type ResolverCacheFunc

type ResolverCacheFunc func(name string, options metav1.GetOptions) (*corev1.Service, error)

ResolverCacheFunc is used for resolving names to services

type ServiceResolverCache

type ServiceResolverCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ServiceResolverCache is a cache used for resolving names to services

func (*ServiceResolverCache) Defer

func (c *ServiceResolverCache) Defer(env string) (func() (string, bool), error)

Defer takes a string (with optional variables) and an expansion function and returns a function that can be called to get the value. This method will optimize the expansion away in the event that no expansion is necessary.

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