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Published: Feb 26, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 5 Imported by: 0



Package api is the internal version of the API.



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const ConfigKind = "ClusterResourceOverrideConfig"
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const PluginName = "ClusterResourceOverride"


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var (
	SchemeBuilder = runtime.NewSchemeBuilder(addKnownTypes)
	AddToScheme   = SchemeBuilder.AddToScheme
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var SchemeGroupVersion = schema.GroupVersion{Group: "", Version: runtime.APIVersionInternal}


func RegisterDeepCopies deprecated

func RegisterDeepCopies(scheme *runtime.Scheme) error

RegisterDeepCopies adds deep-copy functions to the given scheme. Public to allow building arbitrary schemes.

Deprecated: deepcopy registration will go away when static deepcopy is fully implemented.


type ClusterResourceOverrideConfig

type ClusterResourceOverrideConfig struct {
	// For each of the following, if a non-zero ratio is specified then the initial
	// value (if any) in the pod spec is overwritten according to the ratio.
	// LimitRange defaults are merged prior to the override.
	// LimitCPUToMemoryPercent (if > 0) overrides the CPU limit to a ratio of the memory limit;
	// 100% overrides CPU to 1 core per 1GiB of RAM. This is done before overriding the CPU request.
	LimitCPUToMemoryPercent int64
	// CPURequestToLimitPercent (if > 0) overrides CPU request to a percentage of CPU limit
	CPURequestToLimitPercent int64
	// MemoryRequestToLimitPercent (if > 0) overrides memory request to a percentage of memory limit
	MemoryRequestToLimitPercent int64

ClusterResourceOverrideConfig is the configuration for the ClusterResourceOverride admission controller which overrides user-provided container request/limit values.

func (*ClusterResourceOverrideConfig) DeepCopy

DeepCopy is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, creating a new ClusterResourceOverrideConfig.

func (*ClusterResourceOverrideConfig) DeepCopyInto

DeepCopyInto is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, writing into out. in must be non-nil.

func (*ClusterResourceOverrideConfig) DeepCopyObject

func (in *ClusterResourceOverrideConfig) DeepCopyObject() runtime.Object

DeepCopyObject is an autogenerated deepcopy function, copying the receiver, creating a new runtime.Object.

func (*ClusterResourceOverrideConfig) GetObjectKind

func (obj *ClusterResourceOverrideConfig) GetObjectKind() schema.ObjectKind


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Package v1 is the v1 version of the API.
Package v1 is the v1 version of the API.

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