Package proxy contains the OpenShift SDN code that runs as part of the service proxy



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type EndpointsConfigHandler

type EndpointsConfigHandler interface {
	// OnEndpointsUpdate gets called when endpoints configuration is changed for a given
	// service on any of the configuration sources. An example is when a new
	// service comes up, or when containers come up or down for an existing service.
	OnEndpointsUpdate(endpoints []*corev1.Endpoints)

EndpointsConfigHandler is an abstract interface of objects which receive update notifications for the set of endpoints.

type OsdnProxy

type OsdnProxy struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(pluginName string, networkClient networkclient.Interface, kClient kubernetes.Interface,
	networkInformers networkinformers.SharedInformerFactory) (*OsdnProxy, error)

Called by higher layers to create the proxy plugin instance; only used by nodes

func (*OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsAdd

func (proxy *OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsAdd(ep *corev1.Endpoints)

func (*OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsDelete

func (proxy *OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsDelete(ep *corev1.Endpoints)

func (*OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsSynced

func (proxy *OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsSynced()

func (*OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsUpdate

func (proxy *OsdnProxy) OnEndpointsUpdate(old, ep *corev1.Endpoints)

func (*OsdnProxy) Start

func (proxy *OsdnProxy) Start(baseHandler pconfig.EndpointsHandler) error

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