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type GroupSecurityContextConstraintsStrategy

type GroupSecurityContextConstraintsStrategy interface {
	// Generate creates the group based on policy rules.  The underlying implementation can
	// decide whether it will return a full range of values or a subset of values from the
	// configured ranges.
	Generate(pod *api.Pod) ([]int64, error)
	// Generate a single value to be applied.  The underlying implementation decides which
	// value to return if configured with multiple ranges.  This is used for FSGroup.
	GenerateSingle(pod *api.Pod) (*int64, error)
	// Validate ensures that the specified values fall within the range of the strategy.
	Validate(pod *api.Pod, groups []int64) field.ErrorList

GroupSecurityContextConstraintsStrategy defines the interface for all group constraint strategies.

func NewMustRunAs

NewMustRunAs provides a new MustRunAs strategy based on ranges.

func NewRunAsAny

NewRunAsAny provides a new RunAsAny strategy.

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