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Published: Sep 15, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package reporter holds the Reporter interface which is used by the Zipkin Tracer to send finished spans.

Subpackages of package reporter contain officially supported standard reporter implementations.


type JSONSerializer

type JSONSerializer struct{}

JSONSerializer implements the default JSON encoding SpanSerializer.

func (JSONSerializer) ContentType

func (JSONSerializer) ContentType() string

ContentType returns the ContentType needed for this encoding.

func (JSONSerializer) Serialize

func (JSONSerializer) Serialize(spans []*model.SpanModel) ([]byte, error)

Serialize takes an array of Zipkin SpanModel objects and returns a JSON encoding of it.

type Reporter

type Reporter interface {
	Send(model.SpanModel) // Send Span data to the reporter
	Close() error         // Close the reporter

Reporter interface can be used to provide the Zipkin Tracer with custom implementations to publish Zipkin Span data.

func NewNoopReporter

func NewNoopReporter() Reporter

NewNoopReporter returns a no-op Reporter implementation.

type SpanSerializer

type SpanSerializer interface {
	Serialize([]*model.SpanModel) ([]byte, error)
	ContentType() string

SpanSerializer describes the methods needed for allowing to set Span encoding type for the various Zipkin transports.

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