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const (
	ManageStatusDefault                bool          = true
	WatchDependentResourcesDefault     bool          = true
	MaxRunnerArtifactsDefault          int           = 20
	ReconcilePeriodDefault             string        = "0s"
	ReconcilePeriodDurationDefault     time.Duration = time.Duration(0)
	WatchClusterScopedResourcesDefault bool          = false

Default values for optional fields on Watch


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type Finalizer

type Finalizer struct {
	Name     string                 `yaml:"name"`
	Playbook string                 `yaml:"playbook"`
	Role     string                 `yaml:"role"`
	Vars     map[string]interface{} `yaml:"vars"`

Finalizer - Expose finalizer to be used by a user.

type Watch

type Watch struct {
	GroupVersionKind            schema.GroupVersionKind `yaml:",inline"`
	Playbook                    string                  `yaml:"playbook"`
	Role                        string                  `yaml:"role"`
	MaxRunnerArtifacts          int                     `yaml:"maxRunnerArtifacts"`
	ReconcilePeriod             time.Duration           `yaml:"reconcilePeriod"`
	ManageStatus                bool                    `yaml:"manageStatus"`
	WatchDependentResources     bool                    `yaml:"watchDependentResources"`
	WatchClusterScopedResources bool                    `yaml:"watchClusterScopedResources"`
	Finalizer                   *Finalizer              `yaml:"finalizer"`

Watch - holds data used to create a mapping of GVK to ansible playbook or role. The mapping is used to compose an ansible operator.

func Load

func Load(path string) ([]Watch, error)

Load - loads a slice of Watches from the watch file at `path`.

func (*Watch) UnmarshalYAML

func (w *Watch) UnmarshalYAML(unmarshal func(interface{}) error) error

UnmarshalYAML - implements the yaml.Unmarshaler interface for Watch

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