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var NamespaceSubResourcesForTest = sets.NewString(namespaceSubresources.List()...)

NamespaceSubResourcesForTest exports namespaceSubresources for testing in pkg/master/master_test.go, so we never drift


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type RequestInfo

type RequestInfo struct {
	// IsResourceRequest indicates whether or not the request is for an API
	// resource or subresource
	IsResourceRequest bool
	// Path is the URL path of the request
	Path string
	// Verb is the kube verb associated with the request for API requests, not
	// the http verb.  This includes things like list and watch.  for
	// non-resource requests, this is the lowercase http verb
	Verb string

	APIPrefix  string
	APIGroup   string
	APIVersion string
	Namespace  string
	// Resource is the name of the resource being requested.  This is not the
	// kind.  For example: pods
	Resource string
	// Subresource is the name of the subresource being requested.  This is a
	// different resource, scoped to the parent resource, but it may have a
	// different kind.  For instance, /pods has the resource "pods" and the kind
	// "Pod", while /pods/foo/status has the resource "pods", the sub resource
	// "status", and the kind "Pod" (because status operates on pods). The
	// binding resource for a pod though may be /pods/foo/binding, which has
	// resource "pods", subresource "binding", and kind "Binding".
	Subresource string
	// Name is empty for some verbs, but if the request directly indicates a name
	// (not in body content) then this field is filled in.
	Name string
	// Parts are the path parts for the request, always starting with
	// /{resource}/{name}
	Parts []string

RequestInfo holds information parsed from the http.Request

type RequestInfoFactory

type RequestInfoFactory struct {
	APIPrefixes          sets.String // without leading and trailing slashes
	GrouplessAPIPrefixes sets.String // without leading and trailing slashes

func (*RequestInfoFactory) NewRequestInfo

func (r *RequestInfoFactory) NewRequestInfo(req *http.Request) (*RequestInfo, error)

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