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const (
	AnsibleRolesPathEnvVar       = "ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH"
	AnsibleCollectionsPathEnvVar = "ANSIBLE_COLLECTIONS_PATH"


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type Flags

type Flags struct {
	ReconcilePeriod         time.Duration
	WatchesFile             string
	InjectOwnerRef          bool
	LeaderElection          bool
	MaxConcurrentReconciles int
	AnsibleVerbosity        int
	AnsibleRolesPath        string
	AnsibleCollectionsPath  string
	MetricsBindAddress      string
	ProbeAddr               string
	LeaderElectionID        string
	LeaderElectionNamespace string
	GracefulShutdownTimeout time.Duration
	AnsibleArgs             string
	AnsibleLogEvents        string
	ProxyPort               int

	// Path to a controller-runtime componentconfig file.
	// If this is empty, use default values.
	ManagerConfigPath string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Flags - Options to be used by an ansible operator

func (*Flags) AddTo

func (f *Flags) AddTo(flagSet *pflag.FlagSet)

AddTo - Add the ansible operator flags to the the flagset

func (*Flags) ToManagerOptions added in v1.6.2

func (f *Flags) ToManagerOptions(options manager.Options) manager.Options

ToManagerOptions uses the flag set in f to configure options. Values of options take precedence over flag defaults, as values are assume to have been explicitly set.

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