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type Int64

type Int64 int64

func IterateOne

func IterateOne(tree *llrb.LLRB, last Int64) Int64

func (Int64) Less

func (i Int64) Less(than llrb.Item) bool

type LlrbIterator

type LlrbIterator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLlrbIterator

func NewLlrbIterator(tree *llrb.LLRB, data string) *LlrbIterator

func (*LlrbIterator) Check

func (it *LlrbIterator) Check(v graph.TSVal) bool

func (*LlrbIterator) Clone

func (it *LlrbIterator) Clone() graph.Iterator

func (*LlrbIterator) Close

func (it *LlrbIterator) Close()

func (*LlrbIterator) DebugString

func (it *LlrbIterator) DebugString(indent int) string

func (*LlrbIterator) GetStats

func (it *LlrbIterator) GetStats() *graph.IteratorStats

func (*LlrbIterator) Next

func (it *LlrbIterator) Next() (graph.TSVal, bool)

func (*LlrbIterator) Optimize

func (it *LlrbIterator) Optimize() (graph.Iterator, bool)

func (*LlrbIterator) Reset

func (it *LlrbIterator) Reset()

func (*LlrbIterator) Size

func (it *LlrbIterator) Size() (int64, bool)

func (*LlrbIterator) Sorted

func (it *LlrbIterator) Sorted() bool

func (*LlrbIterator) Type

func (it *LlrbIterator) Type() string

type MemTripleStore

type MemTripleStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func MakeTestingMemstore

func MakeTestingMemstore() *MemTripleStore

func NewMemTripleStore

func NewMemTripleStore() *MemTripleStore

func (*MemTripleStore) AddTriple

func (ts *MemTripleStore) AddTriple(t *graph.Triple)

func (*MemTripleStore) AddTripleSet

func (ts *MemTripleStore) AddTripleSet(triples []*graph.Triple)

func (*MemTripleStore) Close

func (ts *MemTripleStore) Close()

func (*MemTripleStore) DebugPrint

func (ts *MemTripleStore) DebugPrint()

func (*MemTripleStore) GetIdFor

func (ts *MemTripleStore) GetIdFor(name string) graph.TSVal

func (*MemTripleStore) GetNameFor

func (ts *MemTripleStore) GetNameFor(id graph.TSVal) string

func (*MemTripleStore) GetNodesAllIterator

func (ts *MemTripleStore) GetNodesAllIterator() graph.Iterator

func (*MemTripleStore) GetTriple

func (ts *MemTripleStore) GetTriple(index graph.TSVal) *graph.Triple

func (*MemTripleStore) GetTripleDirection

func (ts *MemTripleStore) GetTripleDirection(val graph.TSVal, direction string) graph.TSVal

func (*MemTripleStore) GetTripleIterator

func (ts *MemTripleStore) GetTripleIterator(direction string, value graph.TSVal) graph.Iterator

func (*MemTripleStore) GetTriplesAllIterator

func (ts *MemTripleStore) GetTriplesAllIterator() graph.Iterator

func (*MemTripleStore) MakeFixed

func (ts *MemTripleStore) MakeFixed() *graph.FixedIterator

func (*MemTripleStore) OptimizeIterator

func (ts *MemTripleStore) OptimizeIterator(it graph.Iterator) (graph.Iterator, bool)

func (*MemTripleStore) RemoveTriple

func (ts *MemTripleStore) RemoveTriple(t *graph.Triple)

func (*MemTripleStore) Size

func (ts *MemTripleStore) Size() int64

type MemstoreAllIterator

type MemstoreAllIterator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMemstoreAllIterator

func NewMemstoreAllIterator(ts *MemTripleStore) *MemstoreAllIterator

func (*MemstoreAllIterator) Next

func (memall *MemstoreAllIterator) Next() (graph.TSVal, bool)

type TripleDirectionIndex

type TripleDirectionIndex struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewTripleDirectionIndex

func NewTripleDirectionIndex() *TripleDirectionIndex

func (*TripleDirectionIndex) Get

func (tdi *TripleDirectionIndex) Get(dir string, id int64) (*llrb.LLRB, bool)

func (*TripleDirectionIndex) GetForDir

func (tdi *TripleDirectionIndex) GetForDir(s string) map[int64]*llrb.LLRB

func (*TripleDirectionIndex) GetOrCreate

func (tdi *TripleDirectionIndex) GetOrCreate(dir string, id int64) *llrb.LLRB

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