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const (
	B2DUser = "docker"
	B2DPass = "tcuser"


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var (
	ErrMachineExist    = errors.New("machine already exists")
	ErrMachineNotExist = errors.New("machine does not exist")
	ErrVMRUNNotFound   = errors.New("VMRUN not found")


func NewDriver

func NewDriver(hostName, storePath string) drivers.Driver


type Driver

type Driver struct {
	Memory         int
	DiskSize       int
	CPU            int
	ISO            string
	Boot2DockerURL string
	CPUS           int

	SSHPassword    string
	ConfigDriveISO string
	ConfigDriveURL string

Driver for VMware Fusion

func (*Driver) Create

func (d *Driver) Create() error

func (*Driver) DriverName

func (d *Driver) DriverName() string

func (*Driver) GetCreateFlags

func (d *Driver) GetCreateFlags() []mcnflag.Flag

GetCreateFlags registers the flags this driver adds to "docker hosts create"

func (*Driver) GetIP

func (d *Driver) GetIP() (string, error)

func (*Driver) GetSSHHostname

func (d *Driver) GetSSHHostname() (string, error)

func (*Driver) GetSSHUsername

func (d *Driver) GetSSHUsername() string

func (*Driver) GetState

func (d *Driver) GetState() (state.State, error)

func (*Driver) GetURL

func (d *Driver) GetURL() (string, error)

func (*Driver) Kill

func (d *Driver) Kill() error

func (*Driver) Remove

func (d *Driver) Remove() error

func (*Driver) Restart

func (d *Driver) Restart() error

func (*Driver) SetConfigFromFlags

func (d *Driver) SetConfigFromFlags(flags drivers.DriverOptions) error

func (*Driver) Start

func (d *Driver) Start() error

func (*Driver) Stop

func (d *Driver) Stop() error

func (*Driver) Upgrade

func (d *Driver) Upgrade() error

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