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var (
	ErrMalformed = errors.New("malformed file")
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var (
	ErrNotSupportedPlatform = errors.New("platform and architecture is not supported")


func LUtimesNano

func LUtimesNano(path string, ts []syscall.Timespec) error

func Lgetxattr

func Lgetxattr(path string, attr string) ([]byte, error)

Returns a nil slice and nil error if the xattr is not set

func Lsetxattr

func Lsetxattr(path string, attr string, data []byte, flags int) error

func Mkdev

func Mkdev(major int64, minor int64) uint32

Linux device nodes are a bit weird due to backwards compat with 16 bit device nodes. They are, from low to high: the lower 8 bits of the minor, then 12 bits of the major, then the top 12 bits of the minor

func Mknod

func Mknod(path string, mode uint32, dev int) error

func Umask

func Umask(newmask int) (oldmask int, err error)

func UtimesNano

func UtimesNano(path string, ts []syscall.Timespec) error


type MemInfo

type MemInfo struct {
	// Total usable RAM (i.e. physical RAM minus a few reserved bits and the
	// kernel binary code).
	MemTotal int64

	// Amount of free memory.
	MemFree int64

	// Total amount of swap space available.
	SwapTotal int64

	// Amount of swap space that is currently unused.
	SwapFree int64

MemInfo contains memory statistics of the host system.

func ReadMemInfo

func ReadMemInfo() (*MemInfo, error)

Retrieve memory statistics of the host system and parse them into a MemInfo type.

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Lstat

func Lstat(path string) (*Stat, error)

func (Stat) GetLastModification

func (s Stat) GetLastModification() syscall.Timespec

func (Stat) Gid

func (s Stat) Gid() uint32

func (Stat) Mode

func (s Stat) Mode() uint32

func (Stat) Mtim

func (s Stat) Mtim() syscall.Timespec

func (Stat) Rdev

func (s Stat) Rdev() uint64

func (Stat) Size

func (s Stat) Size() int64

func (Stat) Uid

func (s Stat) Uid() uint32

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