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func CheckHostedServiceNameAvailability

func CheckHostedServiceNameAvailability(dnsName string) (bool, string, error)

func CreateAzureVM

func CreateAzureVM(azureVMConfiguration *Role, dnsName, location string) error

func CreateHostedService

func CreateHostedService(dnsName, location string) (string, error)

func DeleteHostedService

func DeleteHostedService(dnsName string) error

func DeleteRole

func DeleteRole(cloudserviceName, deploymentName, roleName string) error

func DeleteVMDeployment

func DeleteVMDeployment(cloudserviceName, deploymentName string) error

func ResolveRoleSize

func ResolveRoleSize(roleSizeName string) error

func RestartRole

func RestartRole(cloudserviceName, deploymentName, roleName string) error

func ShutdownRole

func ShutdownRole(cloudserviceName, deploymentName, roleName string) error

func StartRole

func StartRole(cloudserviceName, deploymentName, roleName string) error


type AvailabilityResponse

type AvailabilityResponse struct {
	Xmlns  string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Result bool
	Reason string

type ConfigurationSet

type ConfigurationSet struct {
	ConfigurationSetType             string
	HostName                         string `xml:",omitempty"`
	UserName                         string `xml:",omitempty"`
	UserPassword                     string `xml:",omitempty"`
	DisableSshPasswordAuthentication bool
	InputEndpoints                   InputEndpoints `xml:",omitempty"`
	SSH                              SSH            `xml:",omitempty"`

type ConfigurationSets

type ConfigurationSets struct {
	ConfigurationSet []ConfigurationSet

type HostedServiceDeployment

type HostedServiceDeployment struct {
	XMLName     xml.Name `xml:"CreateHostedService"`
	Xmlns       string   `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	ServiceName string
	Label       string
	Description string
	Location    string

type InputEndpoint

type InputEndpoint struct {
	LocalPort int
	Name      string
	Port      int
	Protocol  string
	Vip       string

type InputEndpoints

type InputEndpoints struct {
	InputEndpoint []InputEndpoint

type OSVirtualHardDisk

type OSVirtualHardDisk struct {
	MediaLink       string
	SourceImageName string
	HostCaching     string `xml:",omitempty"`
	DiskName        string `xml:",omitempty"`
	OS              string `xml:",omitempty"`

type PublicKey

type PublicKey struct {
	Fingerprint string
	Path        string

type PublicKeyList

type PublicKeyList struct {
	PublicKey []PublicKey

type ResourceExtensionParameter

type ResourceExtensionParameter struct {
	Key   string
	Value string
	Type  string

type ResourceExtensionParameterValues

type ResourceExtensionParameterValues struct {
	ResourceExtensionParameterValue []ResourceExtensionParameter

type ResourceExtensionReference

type ResourceExtensionReference struct {
	ReferenceName                    string
	Publisher                        string
	Name                             string
	Version                          string
	ResourceExtensionParameterValues ResourceExtensionParameterValues `xml:",omitempty"`
	State                            string

type ResourceExtensionReferences

type ResourceExtensionReferences struct {
	ResourceExtensionReference []ResourceExtensionReference

type RestartRoleOperation

type RestartRoleOperation struct {
	Xmlns         string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	OperationType string

type Role

type Role struct {
	RoleName                    string
	RoleType                    string
	ConfigurationSets           ConfigurationSets
	ResourceExtensionReferences ResourceExtensionReferences `xml:",omitempty"`
	OSVirtualHardDisk           OSVirtualHardDisk
	RoleSize                    string
	ProvisionGuestAgent         bool
	UseCertAuth                 bool   `xml:"-"`
	CertPath                    string `xml:"-"`

func AddAzureLinuxProvisioningConfig

func AddAzureLinuxProvisioningConfig(azureVMConfiguration *Role, userName, password, certPath string, sshPort int) (*Role, error)

func CreateAzureVMConfiguration

func CreateAzureVMConfiguration(dnsName, instanceSize, imageName, location string) (*Role, error)

func GetRole

func GetRole(cloudserviceName, deploymentName, roleName string) (*Role, error)

func SetAzureDockerVMExtension

func SetAzureDockerVMExtension(azureVMConfiguration *Role, dockerPort int, version string) (*Role, error)

func SetAzureVMExtension

func SetAzureVMExtension(azureVMConfiguration *Role, name string, publisher string, version string, referenceName string, state string, publicConfigurationValue string, privateConfigurationValue string) (*Role, error)

type RoleInstance

type RoleInstance struct {
	RoleName       string
	InstanceName   string
	InstanceStatus string
	InstanceSize   string
	PowerState     string

type RoleInstanceList

type RoleInstanceList struct {
	RoleInstance []*RoleInstance

type RoleList

type RoleList struct {
	Role []*Role

type RoleSize

type RoleSize struct {
	Name                               string
	Label                              string
	Cores                              int
	MemoryInMb                         int
	SupportedByWebWorkerRoles          bool
	SupportedByVirtualMachines         bool
	MaxDataDiskCount                   int
	WebWorkerResourceDiskSizeInMb      int
	VirtualMachineResourceDiskSizeInMb int

type RoleSizeList

type RoleSizeList struct {
	XMLName   xml.Name   `xml:"RoleSizes"`
	Xmlns     string     `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	RoleSizes []RoleSize `xml:"RoleSize"`

func GetRoleSizeList

func GetRoleSizeList() (RoleSizeList, error)

type SSH

type SSH struct {
	PublicKeys PublicKeyList

type ServiceCertificate

type ServiceCertificate struct {
	XMLName           xml.Name `xml:"CertificateFile"`
	Xmlns             string   `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Data              string
	CertificateFormat string
	Password          string `xml:",omitempty"`

type ShutdownRoleOperation

type ShutdownRoleOperation struct {
	Xmlns         string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	OperationType string

type StartRoleOperation

type StartRoleOperation struct {
	Xmlns         string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	OperationType string

type VMDeployment

type VMDeployment struct {
	XMLName          xml.Name `xml:"Deployment"`
	Xmlns            string   `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Name             string
	DeploymentSlot   string
	Status           string `xml:",omitempty"`
	Label            string
	Url              string `xml:",omitempty"`
	RoleList         RoleList
	RoleInstanceList RoleInstanceList `xml:",omitempty"`

func GetVMDeployment

func GetVMDeployment(cloudserviceName, deploymentName string) (*VMDeployment, error)

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