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func AuthenticateUser

func AuthenticateUser(c *gin.Context)

AuthenticateUser authenticates an user

func CORSMiddleware

func CORSMiddleware() gin.HandlerFunc

CORSMiddleware enable CORS

func CheckJWT

func CheckJWT(secret string) gin.HandlerFunc

CheckJWT checks the JWT

func CreateIncident

func CreateIncident(c *gin.Context)

CreateIncident creates a incident

func CreateTask

func CreateTask(c *gin.Context)

CreateTask creates a task

func CreateUser

func CreateUser(c *gin.Context)

CreateUser creates an User

func DeleteIncident

func DeleteIncident(c *gin.Context)

DeleteIncident deletes a incident based on its id

func DeleteTask

func DeleteTask(c *gin.Context)

DeleteTask deletes a task based on its id

func DeleteUser

func DeleteUser(c *gin.Context)

DeleteUser deletes an user based on its email

func GetIncident

func GetIncident(c *gin.Context)

GetIncident based on its id

func GetIncidents

func GetIncidents(c *gin.Context)

GetIncidents Fetch all incidents

func GetTask

func GetTask(c *gin.Context)

GetTask based on its id

func GetTasks

func GetTasks(c *gin.Context)

GetTasks Fetch all tasks

func GetUser

func GetUser(c *gin.Context)

GetUser based on its email

func GetUsers

func GetUsers(c *gin.Context)

GetUsers Fetch all users

func UpdateIncident

func UpdateIncident(c *gin.Context)

UpdateIncident Updates a incident

func UpdateTask

func UpdateTask(c *gin.Context)

UpdateTask Updates a task

func UpdateUser

func UpdateUser(c *gin.Context)

UpdateUser Updates an user


type ResponseObject

type ResponseObject map[string]interface{}

ResponseObject is a simple mapping obejct

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