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type InstalledChaincode

type InstalledChaincode struct {
	Name    string
	Version string
	Id      []byte

InstalledChaincode defines metadata about an installed chaincode

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	Name              string
	Version           string
	Policy            []byte
	Id                []byte
	CollectionsConfig []byte

Metadata defines channel-scoped metadata of a chaincode

type MetadataMapping

type MetadataMapping struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MetadataMapping defines a mapping from chaincode name to Metadata

func NewMetadataMapping

func NewMetadataMapping() *MetadataMapping

NewMetadataMapping creates a new metadata mapping

func (*MetadataMapping) Aggregate

func (m *MetadataMapping) Aggregate() MetadataSet

Aggregate aggregates all Metadata to a MetadataSet

func (*MetadataMapping) Lookup

func (m *MetadataMapping) Lookup(cc string) (Metadata, bool)

Lookup returns the Metadata that is associated with the given chaincode

func (*MetadataMapping) Update

func (m *MetadataMapping) Update(ccMd Metadata)

Update updates the chaincode metadata in the mapping

type MetadataSet

type MetadataSet []Metadata

MetadataSet defines an aggregation of Metadata

func (MetadataSet) AsChaincodes

func (ccs MetadataSet) AsChaincodes() []*gossip.Chaincode

AsChaincodes converts this MetadataSet to a slice of gossip.Chaincodes

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