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Package netbox provides an API 2.0 client for netbox-community's NetBox IPAM and DCIM service.

This package assumes you are using NetBox 2.0, as the NetBox 1.0 API no longer exists.

Using the client

The github.com/go-netbox/netbox package has some convenience functions for creating clients with the most common configurations you are likely to need while connecting to NetBox. NewNetboxAt allows you to specify a hostname (including port, if you need it), and NewNetboxWithAPIKey allows you to specify both a hostname:port and API token.

import (
    c := netbox.NewNetboxAt("your.netbox.host:8000")
    // OR
    c := netbox.NewNetboxWithAPIKey("your.netbox.host:8000", "your_netbox_token")

If you specify the API key, you do not need to pass an additional authInfo to operations that need authentication, and can pass nil:

    c.Dcim.DcimDeviceTypesCreate(createRequest, nil)

Go Module support

Go 1.13+

go get github.com/netbox-community/go-netbox

More complex client configuration

The client is generated using go-swagger. This means the generated client makes use of github.com/go-openapi/runtime/client. If you need a more complex configuration, it is probably possible with a combination of this generated client and the runtime options.

The godocs for the go-openapi/runtime/client module explain the client options in detail, including different authentication and debugging options. One thing I want to flag because it is so useful: setting the DEBUG environment variable will dump all requests to standard out.

Regenerating the client

To regenerate the client with a new or different swagger schema, first clean the existing client, then replace swagger.json and finally re-generate:

make clean
cp new_swagger_file.json swagger.json
make generate

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