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const (
	ApiVersionV1    = "v1"
	PackageJson     = "package.json"
	ClusterJsonTmpl = "cluster.json.tmpl"
	ConfigJson      = "config.json"
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const DefaultServeAddr = ""


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func Create

func Create(metadata *opapp.Metadata, dir string) (string, error)

func IndexDirectory

func IndexDirectory(dir, baseURL string) (*opapp.IndexFile, error)

func IsAppDir

func IsAppDir(dirName string) (bool, error)

IsAppDir validate a app directory.

Checks for a valid package.json.

func Load

func Load(name string) (*opapp.OpApp, error)

func LoadArchive

func LoadArchive(in io.Reader) (*opapp.OpApp, error)

LoadArchive loads from a reader containing a compressed tar archive.

func LoadDir

func LoadDir(dir string) (*opapp.OpApp, error)

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(name string) (*opapp.OpApp, error)

LoadFile loads from an archive file.

func LoadFiles

func LoadFiles(files []opapp.BufferedFile) (*opapp.OpApp, error)

LoadFiles loads from in-memory files.

func Save

func Save(c *opapp.OpApp, outDir string) (string, error)

func StartLocalRepo

func StartLocalRepo(path, address string) error

StartLocalRepo starts a web server and serves files from the given path


type RepositoryServer

type RepositoryServer struct {
	RepoPath string

RepositoryServer is an HTTP handler for serving a app repository.

func (*RepositoryServer) ServeHTTP

func (s *RepositoryServer) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

ServeHTTP implements the http.Handler interface.


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