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Published: Oct 18, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 13 Imported by: 0




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const DecType = "D"
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const HeightType = "H"
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const IDType = "I"
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const StringType = "S"


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func NewDecData

func NewDecData(value sdkTypes.Dec) types.Data

func NewFact

func NewFact(data types.Data) types.Fact

func NewHeight

func NewHeight(Height int64) types.Height

func NewHeightData

func NewHeightData(value types.Height) types.Data

func NewID

func NewID(idString string) types.ID

func NewIDData

func NewIDData(value types.ID) types.Data

func NewImmutables

func NewImmutables(properties types.Properties) types.Immutables

func NewMetaFact

func NewMetaFact(data types.Data) types.MetaFact

func NewMetaProperties

func NewMetaProperties(metaPropertyList []types.MetaProperty) types.MetaProperties

func NewMetaProperty

func NewMetaProperty(id types.ID, metaFact types.MetaFact) types.MetaProperty

func NewMutables

func NewMutables(properties types.Properties) types.Mutables

func NewParameter

func NewParameter(ID types.ID, data types.Data, validator func(interface{}) error) types.Parameter

func NewProperties

func NewProperties(propertyList ...types.Property) types.Properties

func NewProperty

func NewProperty(id types.ID, fact types.Fact) types.Property

func NewSignature

func NewSignature(id types.ID, signatureBytes []byte, validityHeight types.Height) types.Signature

func NewSignatures

func NewSignatures(signatureList []types.Signature) types.Signatures

func NewStringData

func NewStringData(value string) types.Data

func ReadDecData

func ReadDecData(dataString string) (types.Data, error)

func ReadFact

func ReadFact(MetaFact string) (types.Fact, error)

func ReadHeightData

func ReadHeightData(dataString string) (types.Data, error)

func ReadIDData

func ReadIDData(idData string) (types.Data, error)

func ReadMetaFact

func ReadMetaFact(DataTypeAndString string) (types.MetaFact, error)

func ReadMetaProperties

func ReadMetaProperties(MetaProperties string) (types.MetaProperties, error)

func ReadMetaProperty

func ReadMetaProperty(PropertyIDAndData string) (types.MetaProperty, error)

func ReadProperties

func ReadProperties(Properties string) (types.Properties, error)

func ReadProperty

func ReadProperty(PropertyIDAndData string) (types.Property, error)

func ReadStringData

func ReadStringData(stringData string) (types.Data, error)

func RegisterCodec

func RegisterCodec(codec *codec.Codec)


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