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var KafkaBool = false

declaring global variable

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var KafkaState queuing.KafkaState
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var WasmMessagePrototype helpers.WasmMessagePrototype = func() helpers.WasmMessage {
	return wasmMessage{}


func NewAuxiliaries

func NewAuxiliaries(auxiliaryList ...helpers.Auxiliary) helpers.Auxiliaries

func NewAuxiliary

func NewAuxiliary(moduleName string, name string, route string, initializeKeeper func(helpers.Mapper, helpers.Parameters, []interface{}) helpers.AuxiliaryKeeper) helpers.Auxiliary

func NewCLICommand

func NewCLICommand(use string, short string, long string, cliFlagList []helpers.CLIFlag) helpers.CLICommand

func NewCLIFlag

func NewCLIFlag(name string, value interface{}, usage string) helpers.CLIFlag

func NewGenesis

func NewGenesis(codec *codec.Codec, defaultMappableList []traits.Mappable, defaultParameterList []types.Parameter) helpers.Genesis

func NewMapper

func NewMapper(module string, parameters helpers.Parameters, keyGenerator func(types.ID) []byte, mappablePrototype func() traits.Mappable, registerCodec func(*codec.Codec)) helpers.Mapper

func NewModule

func NewModule(moduleName string, defaultParamspace string, queryRoute string, transactionRoute string, mapper helpers.Mapper, genesisPrototype helpers.Genesis, parametersPrototype helpers.Parameters, auxiliaries helpers.Auxiliaries, queries helpers.Queries, transactions helpers.Transactions) helpers.Module

func NewQueries

func NewQueries(queriesList ...helpers.Query) helpers.Queries

func NewQuery

func NewQuery(module string, name string, route string, short string, long string, packageCodec *codec.Codec, registerCodec func(*codec.Codec), initializeKeeper func(helpers.Mapper, helpers.Parameters, []interface{}) helpers.QueryKeeper, queryRequestPrototype func() helpers.QueryRequest, queryResponsePrototype func() helpers.QueryResponse, flagList []helpers.CLIFlag) helpers.Query

func NewTransaction

func NewTransaction(module string, name string, route string, short string, long string, registerCodec func(*codec.Codec), initializeKeeper func(helpers.Mapper, helpers.Parameters, []interface{}) helpers.TransactionKeeper, transactionRequestPrototype func() helpers.TransactionRequest, flagList []helpers.CLIFlag) helpers.Transaction

func NewTransactions

func NewTransactions(transactionList ...helpers.Transaction) helpers.Transactions

func ParametersPrototype

func ParametersPrototype(parameterList ...types.Parameter) helpers.Parameters


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