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swap-tracks demonstrates how to swap multiple incoming tracks on a single outgoing track.


Download swap-tracks
export GO111MODULE=on
go get github.com/pion/webrtc/v3/examples/swap-tracks
Open swap-tracks example page

jsfiddle.net you should see two text-areas and a 'Start Session' button.

Run swap-tracks, with your browsers SessionDescription as stdin

In the jsfiddle the top textarea is your browser, copy that and:


Run echo $BROWSER_SDP | swap-tracks

  1. Paste the SessionDescription into a file.
  2. Run swap-tracks < my_file
Input swap-tracks's SessionDescription into your browser

Copy the text that swap-tracks just emitted and copy into second text area

Hit 'Start Session' in jsfiddle, enjoy your video!

Your browser should send streams to Pion, and then a stream will be relayed back, changing every 5 seconds.

Congrats, you have used Pion WebRTC! Now start building something cool


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