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var AppDetails = cmap.New() //make(map[string]domain.App)
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var OrganizationUsers = make(map[string][]cfclient.User)
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var Orgs []cfclient.Org
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var Spaces []cfclient.Space
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var SpacesUsers = make(map[string][]cfclient.User)


func GetMapKeyFromAppData

func GetMapKeyFromAppData(orgName string, spaceName string, appName string) string

GetMapKeyFromAppData converts the combo of an app, space, and org into a hashmap key

func ProcessEvent

func ProcessEvent(msg *events.Envelope)

func ProcessEvents

func ProcessEvents(in <-chan *events.Envelope)

ProcessEvents churns through the firehose channel, processing incoming events.

func ReloadApps

func ReloadApps(cachedApps []caching.App, client apiClient)

ReloadApps responsilbe for refreshing apps in the cache


type AppCache

type AppCache struct{}

AppCache allows retrieving information from the cache

func (*AppCache) GetAllApp

func (c *AppCache) GetAllApp() []caching.App

GetAllApp get all caching.App

func (*AppCache) GetAppByGUID

func (c *AppCache) GetAppByGUID(appGUID string) []caching.App

GetAppByGUID get Applications by guid

func (*AppCache) GetAppInfo

func (c *AppCache) GetAppInfo(appGUID string) caching.App

GetAppInfo get App by appGUID

type CachedApp

type CachedApp interface {
	GetAppByGUID(appGUID string) []caching.App
	GetAppInfo(appGUID string) caching.App
	GetAllApp() []caching.App

CachedApp interface for retrieving information from the cache

var AppDbCache CachedApp

type Event

type Event struct {
	Msg            string  `json:"message"`
	Type           string  `json:"event_type"`
	Origin         string  `json:"origin"`
	AppID          string  `json:"app_id"`
	Timestamp      int64   `json:"timestamp"`
	SourceType     string  `json:"source_type"`
	MessageType    string  `json:"message_type"`
	SourceInstance string  `json:"source_instance"`
	AppName        string  `json:"app_name"`
	OrgName        string  `json:"org_name"`
	SpaceName      string  `json:"space_name"`
	OrgID          string  `json:"org_id"`
	SpaceID        string  `json:"space_id"`
	CellIP         string  `json:"cell_ip"`
	InstanceIndex  int32   `json:"instance_index"`
	CPUPercentage  float64 `json:"cpu_percentage"`
	MemBytes       uint64  `json:"mem_bytes"`
	DiskBytes      uint64  `json:"disk_bytes"`

Event is a struct represented an event augmented/decorated with corresponding app/space/org data.

func ContainerMetric

func ContainerMetric(msg *events.Envelope) Event

func LogMessage

func LogMessage(msg *events.Envelope) Event

LogMessage augments a raw message Envelope with log message metadata.

func (*Event) AnnotateWithAppData

func (e *Event) AnnotateWithAppData()

AnnotateWithAppData adds application specific details to an event by looking up the GUID in the cache.


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